100 Years Mitsubishi - A History of Achievements

What the Model T is to Ford, the Model A is to Mitsubishi: The prototype of the first production car from Japan. The Japanese are thus celebrating their XNUMXth anniversary this year and were pioneers at the time. Today series production is nothing special. However, Mitsubishi still has a pioneering role today - that of the pioneer in relation to the electric mobility of the masses. This is particularly evident in the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SUV. Let's take a quick look at the Japanese success story.

What is Model T at Ford is Model A at Mitsubishi

The Model A started 100 years ago and thus laid down a philosophy that continues to this day: to take new technological paths in order to make the driver and his fellow passengers a pleasant journey. The foundation stone was laid by Model A, the first series automobile from Japan. The seven-seat sedan was powered by a 2,8 liter four-cylinder with 34 hp and reached a top speed of 32 km / h. Its body was made of lacquered cypress wood and, thanks to its closed construction, offered the occupants protection from dirt and rain. By 1921, 22 pieces had been built.

The PX33 laid the foundations for Mitsubishi's four-wheel drive history

The next milestone for the Japanese came in 1934, the Mitsubishi PX33. This model is the first production all-wheel drive car in the world and formed a completely new vehicle category at the time. One could even go so far as to say that this laid the foundation for the SUV class. The PX 33 was also a model for the Pajero from 1982, the all-wheel drive legend par excellence. How successful the Japanese are with the all-wheel drive is demonstrated by twelve victories in the Paris-Dakar Rally. In addition, Mitsubishi can look back on 80 years of SUV experience. The bottom line is that the development of off-road and four-wheel drive capabilities at an exceptionally early stage.

Mitsubishi is far ahead in terms of electrification

Large-scale electromobility with the Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Another field in which Mitsubishi is moving safely and skillfully playing its pioneering role is electromobility. It will surely influence the next 100 years of automotive history. It all started in 1971 with the all-electric Mitsubishi Minica EV. In 2009 it went with that Mitsubishi i-MiEV further, the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle. And since 2013 the Outlander PHEV as the world's first plug-in hybrid all-wheel SUV that caused a sensation. No other SUV offers a comparable range of suitability for everyday use and economy.


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