Mitsubishi electrifies the hybrid!

Hybrid models and electric vehicles should no longer be missing in any automaker portfolio today. Gone are the days when it was just enough to offer alternative variants in the future - or think about offering them. Hybrid vehicles, regardless of whether they are mild, plug-in or full hybrids, are “good form” for the major automobile manufacturers. Mitsubishi is now following suit. After having already taken on the role of innovation leader in the field of series electric vehicles, one no longer wants to watch as the other manufacturers “hybridize” in competition.

Mitsubishi Outlander Plugin Hybrid EV premiere

With the new Outlander generation, Mitsubishi will also present a new hybrid generation. This turns the crossover SUV station wagon into a pretty clever all-rounder for everyday use, with a real efficiency advantage.

The plug-in hybrid will be presented at the Paris Motor Show (September 27.09.2012, 14.10.2012 - October XNUMX, XNUMX) and Mitsubishi attaches particular importance to the fact that the new Outlander was designed for the use of electric and hybrid drives and not is simply an adaptation of existing concepts.

With the new Outlander PHEV, Mitsubishi wants to demonstrate its own concentrated expertise in the field of electric vehicles and all-wheel drive systems and is putting a hybrid plugin on the wheels, which has two electric motors, each of which is responsible for the front or rear axle. The petrol engine works both as a power generator for the batteries and thus takes on the role of the range extender - and in parallel to support.

The new Outlander PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electro Vehicle) can therefore drive as a pure electric all-wheel drive, as well as in serial operation as an electric vehicle with its own power generator on board, as well as in parallel operation with a gasoline engine that supports at higher speeds ,

Mitsubishi speaks of a range that should be over 800km and a CO2 target value of less than 50g per kilometer. The “normal” new Outlander will be launched in Europe this autumn, the PHEV should come onto the German market in the course of 2013.

I'm excited as a flash - I already thought the “old Outlander” was really good!


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