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The first part of the purchase advice dealt, among other things, with the important points: space, comfort and safety. No less important, of course, is the price. So here are the prices of the Mitsubishi ASX considered in detail.

The prices of the Mitsubishi ASX at a glance:

At the time of this article, Mitsubishi is offering what is known as an “Intro Edition”. Both as a 1.6 petrol engine and purely front-wheel drive, as well as in the 1.8 diesel variant with purely front-wheel drive. The petrol engine in this “Intro Edition” costs € 21.990 and the diesel € 25.490.

Intro Edition in view

This intro edition is based on the “Invite” and also comes with 17 inch light alloy rims, tinted windows in the second row - Mitsubishi calls it “Privacy Glass”, heated seats in the front, electrically folding exterior mirrors and a reduced price for the metallic paintwork .

Incidentally, the basic equipment of the Invite already has fog lights, an automatic climate control, USB interface for the radio with six speakers. Also included: the cruise control, a light and rain sensor and of course electric windows and the radio central locking.

Looking at the direct competitors, then Mitsubishi has put together a really attractive offer.


In my opinion, all-wheel drive belongs to an SUV. Especially since Mitsubishi gives you a really good all-wheel drive. With the all-wheel drive models there is the possibility to switch to pure front-wheel drive in order to save “fuel”. I couldn't understand this effect during my test drives - but the option alone may impress the gas foot and drive more sensitively afterwards. If you leave the selector switch on 4wd, the all-wheel drive system automatically transfers power to the rear if the front axle slips. It works amazingly fast - but if you prefer rigid all-wheel drive, you can choose 4wd Lock and get a rear-biased and constant power distribution to all four wheels. On asphalt, however, you can feel the tension in the drivetrain when cornering slowly and slowly. For gravel paths and snow-covered roads, however, the 4wd Lock is just right.

The surcharge for the all-wheel drive is 1.800 Euro.

Mitsubishi ASX buying advice prices

All prices at a glance

(Stand 26.04.2013)

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The petrol engine

  • 1.6 2WD Inform - € 18.990
  • 1.6 2WD Invite - € 21.190
  • 1.6 2WD Intense - € 23.830
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The diesel

  • 1.8 D 2WD Invite - € 24.690 - 4WD = € 26.490
  • 1.8 D 2WD Intense - € 27.330 - 4WD = € 29.130
  • 1.8 D 2WD Instyle - € 30.090 - 4WD = € 31.890
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The automatic variant

  • 2.2 D 4WD Invite - € 28.190
  • 2.2 D 4WD Intense - € 30.830
  • 2.2 D 4WD Instyle - € 33.590
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