Endurance test: Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid

If you refill 2.085 liters of gasoline after 40.12 kilometers, you will have a fuel consumption of 1.92 liters per 100 kilometers. In the SUV. In a five-seater SUV with all-wheel drive. In the winter. And that is exactly what we have now done with our plug-in Hybrid Outlander!

Unrealistic consumption data?

Mitsubishi has certified the plug-in hybrid Outlander with a standard consumption of 1.9 liters according to the NEDC. There are of course many factors that play a role. And from many emails from visitors to the blog, I keep reading the great skepticism about this standard consumption figure. And they are all right about that. Because 1.9 liters is just a number - a value that is rather unimportant for your own everyday automotive life.

But you can achieve this standard consumption. Over a distance of 2.085 kilometers! Those were many days on which we drove the PHEV Outlander only on electric power. For shopping, to the bakery, to get drinks. To the post office. To friends. Everything purely electric. In the cold season, the secret of all-electric driving was the extended preheating time of the auxiliary heating. With the latest software update, the Outlander can also be “preheated” for up to 30 minutes using the smartphone app. This creates enough basic heat to drive the distance of 40 to 45 kilometers purely electrically without deactivating the heating. Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid owners who want to drive electrically even at less than 7 ° have to deactivate the heating beforehand. Otherwise the petrol engine starts to supply the heater with heat. Which of course is complete nonsense. Because using a gasoline engine as a heater really doesn't make sense.

After updating the software app, the auxiliary heater can be run for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. We kept the preheating time at 30 minutes throughout the winter. That eats electricity, right. But saves fuel in the end result.

If you look at our "Fuel monitor" but then you also notice that we also had phases in which we used an average of over 7 liters with the PHEV.

It is simply important to use the Outlander and the socket is part of the basic equipment!

Incidentally, during an Auto Bild campaign, a few very clever Outlander drivers managed to achieve an even greater range! While it took us a good three weeks to empty the petrol tank, the winners of a “PHEV Challenge” even barely did 3.000 KM with only one petrol tank achieved in just one week!

outlander phev winter

Does Mitsubishi advertise with unrealistic consumption data? Or is the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid simply the most economical SUV in the world?

He is it. If you understand the principle of the plug-in hybrid and use the possibilities for battery-electric driving. As much as possible! 



This is a blog and a blogger naturally goes into conversation with his readers. After this article was distributed via the Xing Automotive newsletter this morning, interest was very high. There were a few emails to the comments below the article and all have the same context.

"How much electricity was used during this time?"

Ashes on my head. 

With all the euphoria surrounding the low fuel consumption, I actually forgot the other side of the energy perspective.

392.6 kWh of electricity were used up during this time, although I cannot separate “process” and “burned”. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is preheated and warmed up every day by means of a timer. Even twice on Sundays.




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