Endurance test: Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid in service

Fingers filthy with oil, it smells of gasoline and someone swears somewhere because he can't open a screw. That's how I remember auto repair shops. The visit to Mitsubishi's workshop in Flörsheim was a little different. And you don't need to change the oil with a plug-in hybrid anyway, do you? After all, the first plug-in hybrid SUV drives up to 51 kilometers with electricity in everyday life. So why the oil change?

Workshop service on the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid / The endurance test

There are just two hearts pounding in the chest of the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid. On the one hand there are the electric motors that are completely maintenance-free, including the batteries, also completely maintenance-free and then there is still a petrol engine and it just wants to enjoy a little maintenance. Just as you are used to. So as a driver of a modern Outlander plug-in hybrid you stay true to the Mitsubishi workshop.

The workshop service is available every 20.000 km or once a year

Oil changes and spark plugs, such a gasoline engine has been in need of care for over 100 years. At Mitsubishi, the oil is changed annually or every 20.000 km, whichever comes first. The 2.0 liter MIVEC petrol engine needs 4 liters of lubricant, a 2.2 liter diesel Outlander would be a little thirstier. With the proud sums that are called up for lubricants, however, you can already see here: Such a plug-in hybrid not only saves in everyday life - you also get away better with the workshop costs.

The spark plugs are due after 60.000 kilometers at the earliest, and there is no need to fear a defective starter or V-belt that starts to squeak.

The conception as a plug-in hybrid, in which the gasoline engine is ideally only used for long journeys, allows a construction in which the task of the starter is taken over by the "current generator". And because the power steering and air conditioning also have to work when the engine is off, both the power steering pump and the air conditioning compressor have been converted to electric drive. This saves the usual jumble of V-belts around the gasoline engine and also increases the efficiency of the drive. What remains is a single belt and fewer possible sources for service work. The scope of work is also minimized when servicing the gearbox.

A broken clutch? Not for reasons of wear. Where you have to be careful with SUVs when you are often in trailer operation, there is no source of error with the plug-in hybrid. With only one gear, the transmission is only in operation from a speed range of more than 65 km / h. The computer controls the clutch - here, too, the possible sources of error have been minimized.

Less wear - on principle

In everyday operation with the plug-in hybrid, you can rely on a recuperation performance that can be adjusted in 5 levels. In level 5, the Outlander PHEV is almost completely usable without the use of the brakes. And what you don't use also wears out less. That means: Although the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid is such a spacious SUV, the wear on the brakes is less than in many other vehicles.

A look under the sheet of the Outlander PHEV:

Endurance test mitsubishi outlander 38 plug-in hybrid
A look under the Outlander PHEV. Here the underbody panels were removed. You can see the large battery pack towards the center of the vehicle and the exhaust that runs around it.
Endurance test mitsubishi outlander 35 plug-in hybrid
Stay away from the electrical components! A plug-in hybrid and its power system do not allow space for “hobby screwdrivers”.
Endurance test mitsubishi outlander 34 plug-in hybrid
If you remove the panels in the trunk, you will find the power electronics and the voltage converter of the rear electric motor.
Endurance test mitsubishi outlander 30 plug-in hybrid
From the bottom, the rear axle differential looks like any differential. The electric motor sits diagonally above it.
Endurance test mitsubishi outlander 31 plug-in hybrid
The Outlander's battery pack is exposed.
Endurance test mitsubishi outlander 33 plug-in hybrid
Detailed view of the control electronics of the e-system in the rear.
Endurance test mitsubishi outlander 26 plug-in hybrid
The engine compartment of the PHEV. The petrol engine is on the left, the electric drive on the right.
Endurance test mitsubishi outlander 22 plug-in hybrid
A look at an expanded 1-speed transmission from the PHEV.
Endurance test mitsubishi outlander 18 plug-in hybrid
One of the electric motors and its power electronics when removed. However, this is NOT maintenance work. The electric drive is MAINTENANCE FREE!



And what does the workshop service cost?

A good question. But since I do not know the mileage of your PHEV or the final scope of maintenance, I can unfortunately not say anything about it. The best thing to do is call the nearest Mitsubishi workshop.

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