Endurance test Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid - wishes for the future

The wish list for the successor to the current long-term test outlander

Nothing in the world is so good that it cannot be improved again. We live and strive for “improvement” practically every day. All human inventions are based on the fact that someone had an idea how to do something better.

Mitsubishi thought a few years ago, how good, how brilliant would a family SUV with a moped be? The result is the world's first plug-in hybrid SUV. Since October we have been doing an endurance test of the clever one Plug-In Hybrid SUV, And of course we are always on the lookout for defects, for problems, for things that could be done better.

The result is a list of the wishes we have for the successor!

5 improvements we want for the successor:

  1. Warning beeps can be switched off - I think it beeps. Always. Sometimes it is the lane departure warning, sometimes the electric tailgate, sometimes the ignition, the open door, the inserted key. It keeps beeping. It gets on the nerves in the long run. If the long-term test car were our property, I would have long since been hunting for the beeper with a screwdriver. How about configuring the warning buzzer using the on-board computer? Please implement like this.
  2. Active lane keeping assistant - The Outlander isn't a small car. The lane departure warning system often warns you on narrow roads. It's frustrating. Because it is often the deliberately chosen “line” through the curve that the Outlander already interprets as “leaving”. It's frustrating. So you turn it off. On the autobahn, however, there is no assistant that deliberately keeps the vehicle in the lane with an impulse. The competitors have these systems. Please upgrade.
  3. LED headlights - The Outlander offers xenon low beam. The headlights offer a very good low beam with a wide illumination in front of the vehicle. The high beam is still designed as halogen light. To change the model, you should switch both to LED technology. Ideally with intelligent light distribution.
  4. Android-Auto, Apple Car Play - The multimedia system of the current Outlander generation should be the biggest criticism. Again and again. Here it is time for an easier-to-use system. Android Auto lends itself, so that the connectivity between smartphone and car would be convergent.
  5. More electrical range - No other plug-in hybrid SUV offers the range of the Outlander. Not even that Premium competitors. Still, more is always “more”. For many Outlander plug-in hybrid drivers, 100 km of purely electric range should mean a further halving of the already impressively low consumption figures. And also secure the lead of the “first”!

These are not all gross blunders, no real problems and we are also very confident that Mitsubishi can secure and extend the lead. Even though the competitors are slowly catching up and bringing just as practical plug-in variants onto the market - a head start that you once have will not be lost so quickly in the world of automobiles!

Only our 5 points, which you should implement (Mitsubishi) 😉 Thank you.


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