The Outlander Plug-in Hybrid as a company car for municipalities?

Municipalities and cities sometimes have particularly large fleets. All kinds of cars to keep the employees mobile to perform administrative tasks. And it's not even about the many vehicles with special functions, no, only the cars with which the public administration keeps the daily business going.

Local emission-free - electrically on the move thanks to the Plug-in Hybrid Outlander

When it comes to communities and cities, the tours you take with a car are usually purely local. You rarely drive a long distance, you move in a fixed radius. The switch to a new technique should be particularly easy.

In addition to the local emission-free journey, there are other advantages: If cities and municipalities start and use electric vehicles themselves, or at least plug-in hybrids like the Outlander from Mitsubishi, then they also provide an infrastructure. In many cases, the municipalities are also energy suppliers - so what could be more obvious than taking on responsibility for creating an infrastructure?

For me, who is in daily contact with the plug-in Hybrid Outlander in contact, the question is no longer? It would be nice if the communities and cities became aware of their own responsibility. Charging stations are now no longer expensive purchases. Charging posts are part of the basic equipment of the public area. In theory. Because in practice it is unfortunately only too often.

So I was all the more pleased when I heard about the “eKommunal” project.

The project, which is led by the Hessian Ministry of Economics and Transport, aims to make electric mobility tangible in cities, municipalities, districts and municipal companies so that they can then be used there. There were a total of 171 applications, of which 52 participants were selected. And particularly enjoyable? Mitsubishi is participating in this project and is now providing three Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs. The three Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlanders will be used for two weeks by the magistrates in Lampertheim and Flörsheim as well as by the municipal utilities in Rüsselsheim.


When handing over the vehicles to Reinhard Blüm of the Stadtwerke Rüsselsheim and Thomas Ammon of the city council Flörsheim, the managing director of MMD Automobile GmbH, Werner H. Frey, emphasized that the municipalities and their companies have a very special role to play in the rapid implementation of electromobility : "There the course must be set, be it by the use of the vehicles in the public area, but also in the provision of sufficient charging options. Of course, the 2017-million funding package from the German government to improve the infrastructure, starting with 300, can certainly help with this, "said Frey.

Dear community representatives - do you have any questions? (Click)

After more than 1.5 years with the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlander, I can hardly imagine what reasons there should be to find a different company car answer in the future. Dear community representatives, if you have any questions about your new “plug-in hybrid” SUV, just write to me. Together we can find the right answers and thus change the world a bit. More sustainable! And locally emission-free ... sounds like a good plan, doesn't it?

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