Can I load an e-bike on the plug-in Hybrid Outlander?

“One should ride a bike again”

How many times have I pronounced this sentence one Sunday in the morning and in the end I sat in the office at the desk and worked. Yes, ride a bike. If we didn't live on a mountain. At the end of a bike tour you have to go up this stupid mountain again. You get frustrated before you leave. So - no bike tour. Although, there was meanwhile also "Plug-in Hybrid ”bicycles. e-bikes. Power storage and electric pedal drive, which can then support you when pedaling. Correct. Maybe that would be the right solution to “ride a bike again”. Completely unplanned, a reader question came in this week:

"Can you charge an electric bike with the Outlander PHEV?"

The answer is, free to Radio Yerevan: In principle: Yes. 

The Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlander has the ChaDeMo connection for DC direct current charging and there you can not only “fill in electricity”, but also withdraw it again. A charging process of the e-bike is - basically - possible only once. If so, if the e-bike had a ChaDeMo connection, which it doesn't have.

e-bikes are charged by AC connection and the well-known Schuko plug. 

So you first need a converter box. And even though we've been waiting for it for two years, it's still not available on the market. However, at the end of the tunnel, light seems to be recognizable. The company Combination has the DinX Powerbox presented and planned the sale from July 2016.

According to the technical data of the box, it will deliver 2.7 kW continuous power to 230 volts. 2x 230 Volt Schuko plugs are designed to provide compatibility with the household world. Assuming that a Mitsubishi plug-in Hybrid Outlander can provide around 9 kWh of electrical power, it could provide a normal household with power for around 4 days. And an e-bike?

Common e-bikes have around 14-16 Ah batteries, a 250 watt motor and run on 36 volts. With the charger adapter - which is one of the e-bikes - you could easily charge several dozen of the e-bike on the Outlander PHEV. And that is exactly what leads to the example of what this bi-directional functionality can be used for. Imagine a typical camping holiday: The Outlander Plug-in Hybrid can function as a “power generator” and, in addition to e-bikes for day trips, it charges the camping fridge in the evening. In principle, there are no limits to the ideas.

For me personally, it's clear: I'm going to cycle again, but only with a plug-in hybrid bike, or as others say: with an e-bike!


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