In the endurance test: Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid

Press Review

After 5 months in the long-term test for, many kilometers and hours in the vehicle, it was interesting for us to see what others are writing about the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid.

We have our detailed driving report here and here link. 

This is what other media say about the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid:


The ADAC autotest has put a YouTube test video online, but unfortunately talked of a stepless automatic. This is of course nonsense and leaves doubts about the competence arise. On the other hand, the written test is extensive and appears to be otherwise error-free.

The ADAC rated the safety standards as particularly positive, as well as the ability to drive “purely electrically” and the associated good eco result.

As the ADAC correctly states, the drive concept of the PHEV Outlander is sharply defined and does not fit every application!


The renowned “Car, motor and sport" has in last year's test spoken of a “solid workmanship”, a “good space” and a “quick start”. Ams also praised the fast charging facility and the very effective air conditioning. But the single-speed gearbox has also caused confusion at “auto, motor und sport”. In the article one speaks of a “multi-plate clutch”, which of course is nonsense again.

In einem earlier test of the ams from June 2013, the one-speed gearbox was correctly explained by the editor and in this article, too, the Stuttgart car experts praise the efficiency of the large SUV. In addition, there is talk of a “surprisingly quick” SUV.


Always a clever mind, behind the FAZ. That's how it was with advertising for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, wasn't it? The driving report from June 2014 (as part of the German press presentation) then also testifies to a clear understanding of the vehicle. In addition to the correct explanation that the Outlander PHEV always starts purely electrically and the praise for the noise level in the interior, author Kirchberger explains the advantages and disadvantages of the Mitsubishi Outlanders PHEV very good.

The criticism in the FAZ concerns once again the multimedia and navigation system. Almost all testers agree that this system urgently needs to be improved.


What the ADAC is for us, the TCS is for the Swiss Outlander plug-in hybrid extensively tested and unlike us, the speed in Switzerland on the motorways is known to be regulated. Such a V-Max limitation is of course good for hybrids and electric vehicles.

The test of the “Touring Club” is correspondingly positive. The vehicle's spatial concept is praised. Lots of space, despite the large battery, and the SUV's ground clearance is rated just as positively. In addition, the driving behavior is again classified as very safe and the suspension is praised. The Swiss are the first in this list who have apparently been on the road longer with the Outlander, because there are many "Summer”Noticed as annoying. A topic that we had already taken up here in the blog.

In winter traffic in Switzerland, the TCS has determined a range of 30 kilometers, a value that we here in the Winter test just as easily, Since e-mobiles and plug-in vehicles are always about the credibility of the ranges, it is important to say again: the Outlander plug-in hybrid reaches 30 kilometers under unfavorable conditions. Whereas a German premium manufacturer has just launched a plug-in SUV that can cover a maximum of 31 kilometers. In the worst case, there are likely to be 19 kilometers left. If any.

The auto newspaper

The Auto-Zeitung also stumbles across the single-speed transmission of the Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid. In the 2014 Auto-Zeitung test, the author even spoke of one "Complex interplay of multi-plate and dry clutch". Well then. A look at the blog would have already explained to him how the “single-speed gearbox” works in autumn 2013.

Now you really have to ask yourself, how competent is the rest of the test if the little things are already missing? But good. The az has achieved a “test consumption” of 7.6 liters, a hint that hardly helps, because the rest of the text lacks an explanation of the effect and meaning of the plug-in. Others managed to do that much better.


And again you get more delivered on a blog. Compared to what the Auto-Zeitung said, that delivers Autoblog autophoria not only significantly more photos and better detail shots, the scope of the reporting is also better. In addition, the test for autophoria indicated the meaning and the benefits of the vehicle.

At the end of the press review from Recommendation: Look over the newspaper margin in the driving reports for the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid. Or do it like we do: Drive the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid. Test the world's first plug-in hybrid SUV! 




By the way, this is the “ominous” and terribly complex gear of the Outlander. A ratio for gasoline engine and axle drive, combined with an actuator-operated clutch.

The only special feature is the fact that the petrol engine can only be coupled directly to the front axle from 65 km / h, but then revs up linearly up to the V-Max at 170 km / h. Hence only “1-speed” which is basically nothing more than “a translation”.









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