Readers' experience: Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid

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Reader experiences of the week

We received feedback from you again this week. Among them are the very exciting statistics of a PHEV driver who uses the Outlander PHEV as a commuter vehicle and company car.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in everyday commuting

Reader Manfred Frenger has had an Outlander PHEV for over a year and has kept a careful record of how he drove the vehicle, which routes and what the PHEV consumes in this everyday commuter life.

2.562 km with one tank filling (petrol)

Manfred Frenger was on the Outlander PHEV on 363 out of 394 days and covered a distance of 42.346 km. That corresponds to around 116 km per day. The longest distance, Mr. Frenger with the Outlander was 746 km. On average, 38 liters were refilled with each refueling operation and a total of 2.366 liters of fuel. The longest distance between two fuel stops? Impressive 2.562 km!

5.59 liters of petrol per 100 km

The daily consumption of Manfred Frenger is 5.59 liters of petrol per 100 km. In order to be able to sort these consumption values, the distances traveled are important. Reader Frenger drives 26 km between his home and the office. He charged in the office over 160 days and spent 663 hours on the Type II socket. At home, Mr. Frenger refueled 287 times and overall reader Frenger 35 was on the go at a charging station.

PHEV - commuter happiness

The everyday consumption of Reader Frenger demonstrates very well where the strengths of the PHEV Outlander lie. The simple everyday commuter is the domain, in addition to the use as a “family vehicle” as in our test scenario. And also the reader Mr. Frenger has proven that a refueling stop after 2.562 km, or in his case after 29 days, is quite realistic. Not just one in the given task environment AutoBild reader campaign or as Long-term testers can reach records retract. No, the normal handling of the PHEV allows the same record values!

Plug-in works

Reader Frenger's numbers prove how efficient a PHEV can be in everyday life. With less than 6 liters per 100 km in normal commuter traffic? And that in an all-wheel drive SUV? There is no better way to prove the useful technology and the equally cleverly planned capacity of the batteries in the Outlander PHEV.


We say thank you to Manfred Frenger for sharing his experience with us! 




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