Mitsubishi impresses with record profit

Green mobility as a dead end? Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids don't sell? With no waiver can you make no sales? That may not be entirely wrong if you look at the number of admissions in Germany alone. With globally operating companies, however, things look completely different.

Mitsubishi ended 2014 with the best sales result ever.

For Mitsubishi Motors, the 2015 financial year was the most successful financial year ever and proof of the successful change in the automotive industry. The Japanese automobile manufacturer set the course early on for new, ecological mobility and not only launched the first mass-produced electric vehicle, but also demonstrated with the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid how to successfully meet customer requirements for SUV models with efficiency of a plug-in hybrid.

The Plug-In Hybrid Outlander was the first SUV with efficient plug-in hybrid technology and contributes to the impressive business result for the 2014 fiscal year.


The result at a glance:

The net profit rose by 13,5 percent to 118,2 billion yen. In the same period, sales worldwide increased by four percent to 1,090 million vehicles. The most important markets were Asia and Europe. The highest increases were achieved in North America (+21%) and Europe, (+ 13%).

For the fiscal year 2015, Mitsubishi Motors expects sales to increase slightly to around 1.1 million units.

Fiscal year 2014:
Revenue: 2,180 billion yen (+ 4%)
Operating profit: 135 billion yen (+ 10%)
Net profit: 118 billion yen (+ 13%)
Sales: 1,047 million units (+ 6%)



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