Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - 9 facts about the long-term tester

Fact 1: The Outlander PHEV is the first plug-in hybrid SUV to offer all the advantages of all-wheel drive technology!

The advantages are obvious. Thanks to the twin-engine 4WD, the forces are optimally distributed to the front and rear axles, as well as to both wheels on the left and right. This automatically improves handling and driving stability. Acceleration from standing is done quickly and the S-AWC ensures stability. The 4WD-Lock function also ensures a fixed distribution of force between the axles and thus safe driving in snow, wet and slippery surfaces.

Fact 2: The Outlander PHEV can be both pre-heated and pre-cooled! 

Depending on the equipment, the car can be optimally air-conditioned as well as heated. This can be adjusted in advance so that the hybrid already has the optimum temperature when getting in. Whether cold or warm, the function runs electrically and virtually silent. Likewise, the plug-in hybrid has a hot water heater, which runs directly in the water cycle of the vehicle. This is offered as support for the electric heater to save battery power. Of course, the temperature can be set as desired, as the driver is comfortable.

Fact 3: The Outlander PHEV can be controlled via a mobile app!

Yes, that is also possible. The plug-in hybrid Outlander is not only environmentally friendly thanks to its low emissions, but also a technological highlight and can be controlled with the latest smartphone technology. Many functions can be controlled directly via an app. Thanks to the Mitsubishi Multi Communication System - MMSC for short, the charge timer functions can be controlled, for example, there is a charge status display and a coming-home function that controls the headlights and air conditioning. This means that the heating or air conditioning is activated directly from the living room and as soon as the departure is due, the vehicle is at the optimum temperature. So in winter you never have to freeze in your car again until the heating is warm.

Fact 4: The Outlander PHEV offers more comfort through lower noise!

Like the conventional Mitsubishi Outlander, the plug-in hybrid version also offers its drivers a lot of comfort. With the PHEV, for example, there are the advantages of the electric drive and thus the effective noise reduction. The driving fun is not neglected.

Fact 5: That distinguishes the PHEV from the classic Outlander!

The biggest difference is the electric drive itself, as well as the additional controls and the ability to drive silently. The battery is underfloor and the plug-in hybrid does not have a classic gearbox either, but there is an electric front and rear motor for all-wheel drive.

There are also differences in the trailer load, which is a little lower, as well as in the load volume. In terms of design, there are slight deviations, such as special attachments in other colors and the front grille to mark the Outlander as a hybrid.

Fact 6: The Outlander PHEV also pulls trailers!

The trailer load can be up to 1.500 kg. However, if you drive with a trailer every day or regularly over longer distances, the is recommended Mitsubishi Outlander with diesel engine.

Fact 7: The Outlander PHEV is fit for off-road driving!

Of course, since the Outlander is an SUV with all-wheel drive and increased ground clearance, it can also be moved on unpaved roads and in difficult conditions. However, it is not a classic car for off-road use. If you drive permanently on demanding ground, you should perhaps look at another model. For example the Pajero.

Fact 8: The Outlander PHEV is not afraid of any incline!

The e-motors of the Outlander PHEV provide enough power to cross even the steepest alpine passes!

Fact 9: The driver always has all operating modes of the Outlander PHEV under control!

For example, if you want to charge your car at a traffic light while driving, press the "Charge" button and the battery is automatically charged. The Save button saves the energy for later. Although he continues to drive electrically, the generator ensures that the battery level remains.

With the two “rockers” behind the steering wheel, the driver can also adapt the strength of the recuperation to the situation. This useful control of power feedback is easy to learn.


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