Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid - Service Check

Service check at the endurance outlander

In a long-term test, of course, you have to check not only the driving feeling, but also everything that belongs to a vehicle so. For example the service in the workshop. Such a visit often goes according to scheme F. There is a smell of gasoline, there are oil spots everywhere, and somewhere someone is shouting for a wrench. In contrast to the workshop of Mitsubishi in Flörsheim. But, such a plug-in hybrid actually does not need oil change anymore, right? The first plug-in hybrid SUV that soars up to 51 kilometers and oil? No way.

But two hearts are still beating under the Outlander's hood. The electric motors, which are maintenance-free with their efficient batteries, and a gasoline engine that needs maintenance every now and then. Every 20.000 kilometers or once a year it is put through its paces. As it should be and of course in the Mitsubishi workshop. Everyone knows their way around here. The 2.0 liter MIVEC petrol engine needs 4 liters of lubricant, a 2.2 liter diesel Outlander needs a little more. But still: Such a plug-in hybrid not only saves in everyday life - the wallet is also saved on workshop costs.

Mitsubishi outlander plug-in hybrid 05 phev workshop

The spark plugs must be changed at the earliest after 60.000 kilometers and a defective starter or V-belt you do not even have to worry about. The good thing about the Mitsubishi Plug-In Hybrid: The petrol engine is ideally used only for the long haul and the task of the starter is even taken over by the "power generator". Hey cookie spark plug, you have a break. And because the power steering and air conditioning also need to work when the engine is off, both the power steering pump and air conditioning compressor have been switched to electric power. This increases the efficiency of the drive many times over. This leaves only a single strap and the guys in the shop are a little less busy.

Even with the transmission you can breathe. Wear on the clutch? Not at all. Wherever you have to watch out for an SUV, when you're often in trailer mode, this is no longer a problem with the plug-in hybrid. With just one gear, the transmission is only in operation at a speed range of more than 65 km / h. The clutch control is handled by the computer - here, too, the possible sources of error were minimized.

In everyday use with the plug-in hybrid, you can rely on an adjustable in 5 stages recuperation performance. In stage 5 the Outlander PHEV is almost completely without the use of the brakes to drive. Ergo: No use - no wear. In other words, although the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid is such a spacious SUV, brake wear is lower than many other vehicles.

But what does the whole rather low service cost now? This can only be found out if you just drive to the workshop with the PHEV. Only so much: Dick does not need the wallet anymore.


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