Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid, also as a taxi

While we basically use our endurance tester as a family SUV, there are professions that rely entirely on the automobile as a working tool. Like the taxi driver for example.

22.000 km in the PHEV taxi on the way

In Berlin there is an impressive fleet of hybrid taxis, even with a few, they are never as comfortable on the backseat as the “good old Daimler” - but they are efficient in consumption and inexpensive to run. The Berlin taxi company Rennebarth has been using one for 6 months Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid as a taxi.

12 hours through the night - 170 km on average

With around 170 km per shift at night, taxi operator Rennebarth can easily pull through just under 6.5 years, and yet he still has a guarantee from Mitsubishi on his PHEV. Mitsubishi offers extended aftermarket warranty for the engine, hybrid system, traction battery, transmission and fuel system for up to 400.000 kilometers for the special vehicles rebuilt by INTAX.

In recent months, the Berlin taxi operator has kept the consumption of the SUV at around 5 liters per 100 kilometers. Despite the demanding city traffic. For the future Rennebarth wants to reduce consumption to less than 3 liters. The 11 ChaDemo fast charging stations in Berlin should help him with this. One of them, the pillar at Potsdamer Platz, was directly donated by Mitsubishi. With these fast-charging columns, the battery of the PHEV is charged to 30% within 80 minutes and the silent ride through the night can continue.

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