Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlander: answered reader questions

Thanks to low emissions, the environment is exemplary protected

Every week since October 2014 there is an article about our long-term test with the plug-in Hybrid Outlander by Mitsubishi. And every week we receive emails from you. From the readers. Some emails we answer directly, other questions we answer, as in this case, in a separate article. This family SUV with its two electric motors and a petrol engine as well as the large 12 kWh battery has changed the way SUVs are viewed. From thirsty to frugal, from useless to practical. These topics are also driving you around.

Answers to reader questions about the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid

Can the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid serve as a towing vehicle?

Reader Question: You can also order the Plug-In Hybrid Outlander with a towbar. But does that make sense? Is the plug-in Hybrid Outlander a useful towing vehicle?

Well, the correct answer is: it depends. If the drive to the next campsite is only 40 kilometers away, I would not worry. The Outlander PHEV probably does not manage this route with a 1.5 ton trailer purely electrically - even if it ideally comes over 50 kilometers. But, as long as the 12 kWh battery is charged, pulling a trailer with the Plug-In Hybrid Outlander should turn out to be a quiet task.

After the battery is empty, however, it gets louder. Due to the system, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV can only connect the petrol engine with its 121 PS directly from about Tempo 65 directly to the axle. Then the gasoline engine comes in its most efficient area. Between 65 and Tempo 120 works the gasoline engine, he acts directly on the axle, quiet and unobtrusive. Unlike other hybrid vehicles can then be quite properly accelerate, without the engine to howl and get those rubber band effect of a continuously variable transmission.

So: A drive to the hardware store, to the local construction yard and at the rear a simple trailer? No thing. Not even cross country. With the living trailer over the Alps? This is another number, the gasoline engine will hum properly here.

To cut it short: once a year, a longer route with a trailer? That's OK. But you should keep in mind that the plug-in hybrid Outlander is primarily designed for short trips. For commuting to work, for electric driving from home to the next supermarket. The real system advantage of the PHEV can only be used by those who really use the battery technology of the PHEV. Not only as a “buffer battery” in everyday hybrid life, no - the Outlander PHEV is a plug-in hybrid and that means: You should use the charging function!


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