Outlander PHEV: With “2.3 liters” through the winter

I have the same discussion over and over again. Currently mainly on Facebook in EV driver groups. Plug-in hybrids are not “real EVs” - oh? - and plug-in hybrids in general are a lie in your own pocket - and they don't make any sense anyway. You drag everything around with you twice and so on and so on. It's almost like militant vegans arguing with the board of the butcher's guild. The reality shows a very clear picture!

2.3 liters per 100 - in winter - in the SUV!

We have covered around 3.800 kilometers with the plug-in Hybrid Outlander since mid-December. Now that it's slowly getting warmer again, it was time to check the “books” and see how the plug-in hybrid has done over time.

2.3 liters on average on 100 kilometers is the result. 2.3 liter for an SUV, which drives especially my wife daily with child and dog through the countryside. Our daughter will no longer have to drive in the 15 kilometers away kindergarten from next week, from next week there are only 2 kilometers here in town. In addition, my wife was often with the dog on a training ground nearby, even that, regular rides, over a manageable distance. For the rest of the mileage, the Mitsubishi Outlander has had to bring us over easy routes from 40 to 80 kilometers. In the Spessart we did not have snow throughout the winter. We had about 2-3 weeks in which the all-wheel drive was really useful, including closed snow cover and a smooth yard exit.

And that leads to the point of many pointless discussion on the Internet.

Too often is judged from a very one-sided point of view. You only see your own concerns and then ask the question: Why does someone have to drive an SUV? A Renault ZOE, a very good electric car, does it too. Yes. But. Not with dog, stroller and child seat. And at least three times in winter it would not have been possible to drive up the courtyard driveway because it was just slippery and slippery. Since you trust as a dad but rather on the four-wheel drive SUV, if you send wife and child alone on the trip.

Unfortunately, many of the e-car fans do not see the benefit of the plug-in hybrids. Because apart from the current all-new Renault ZOE, there are currently hardly any cars with an electric range that also allow a visit to grandma. You do not have to worry about the plug-in Hybrid Outlander. No charging station? No problem. It is the ideal combination for the time when propulsion systems are now changing across the board.

Electrically in the kindergarten. Electric for shopping. Emission-free with your own electricity in the region and yet completely free of any fear of range. Yes, a Tesla Model X could do it all, thanks to the giant rechargeable battery and usable charging network - but it easily costs three times the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlander.

From many of the meaningless discussion on the Internet, I hold out now. It makes no sense to explain to a vegetarian that a) meat is completely natural and b) one of the Leberkäs-Weck tastes just as easy! Point.


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