The plug-in hybrid and the zero energy house

Christian and Irina Oldendorf have been living in the Velux LichtAktiv house with their two sons Lasse and Finn for almost three years. After putting the settler's house, which was modernized by the roof window manufacturer Velux into a zero-energy house, for around two and a half years as part of a scientifically supported living experiment, they have recently become the proud owners of the Velux LichtAktiv house in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg.

Now the Oldendorfs have taken over a new test vehicle: an Outlander provided by Mitsubishi, which thanks to its plug-in hybrid motor combines the environmental friendliness of an electric vehicle with the functionality of a large station wagon and the best driving characteristics of an all-wheel drive SUV. The aim of the one-year study is to test the everyday suitability of a bidirectional electric vehicle as a buffer storage device, among other things, that can supply the house with energy.

The new Family car of the Oldendorfs offers plenty of space and has a fully charged battery a purely electric range of a good 50 kilometers * - completely sufficient to comfortably do all daily city trips. “Since my wife and I have to drive about 20 kilometers to our work place, we are mostly on the move purely electrically during the week,” explains Christian Oldendorf. “But trips on weekends, visits to grandparents or vacation trips to Denmark are no problem for us thanks to the combination of electric and petrol engines. This makes the Plug-in Hybrid Outlander the ideal vehicle for us. "

With five seats and up to 1.472 liters of luggage space, the Plug-in Hybrid Outlander a high utility value for the whole family. Its hybrid system includes an 89 kW / 121 PS two-liter petrol engine, two electric motors with 60 kW / 82 PS each on the front and rear axles, a 70 kW generator and a powerful 12 kWh lithium-ion drive battery in a safe underfloor arrangement between the axes. The electric range is 52 km * and a maximum of 800 km *, the CO2 emissions are only 44 g / km *.
The Oldendorfs obtain the energy for the electric drive from the solar cells of their Velux LichtAktiv house and thus optimize their self-consumption rate. The HomeEnergy Management System (HEMS) automatically detects whether enough electricity is still available for daily needs before excess energy is fed into the car battery. This means there are no CO2 emissions when charging or when driving electrically.

Since a solar system produces more energy than is consumed in the house on most days, the excess energy can be used for mobility. This means that self-consumption rates of up to 95 percent are possible.

If necessary, the Outlander's battery but can also be charged at any normal household socket or via the built-in petrol engine. This ensures independence from your own charging station. Another advantage is the bidirectional vehicle concept of the plug-in hybrid. This means that the Mitsubishi electric SUV can feed the energy stored in the vehicle back into the Velux LichtAktiv house if necessary - for example at night when the solar cells are not generating electricity. It thus serves as a mobile buffer storage and thus fulfills the essential prerequisites for a successful energy transition.

"In the near future we will also install a house battery that can store the electricity from the roof and thus further improve our use of our own electricity," said Christian Oldendorf. "This is more effective and cheaper than first feeding the solar power into the power grid and then removing it again."

In addition to the house battery, a new heat pump is also to be installed. According to calculations by the TU Braunschweig, this means that the consumption values ​​originally calculated for the LichtAktiv Haus can not only be maintained, but even undercut. The resulting energy plus is then available again for mobility, for example.

In the coming months, the Oldendorfs will be listed in their online diary www.lichtaktivhaus.dealso report on their experiences with the Outlander.


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