First: The virtual test drive of Mitsubishi

There are opportunities that only exist once. To be first, for example. It doesn't matter whether it's about the “first plug-in hybrid SUV” or a “360 ° test drive video”. The Japanese automobile manufacturer Mitsubishi was “first” in both opportunities. That's how it is first plug-in hybrid SUV currently in our (mein-auto-blog) endurance test and has already been able to convince many times. And now Mitsubishi is bringing an innovative form of online customer approach with the first “virtual 360 ° test drive”.

Virtual test drive - made by Mitsubishi

..and my-auto-blog!

Get in, drive off, look around and watch the driver's fingers. During Mitsubishi's virtual test drive, the spectator becomes an active passenger. This new innovative video concept enables the first “virtual 360 ° test drive”. The main role for this world premiere of the “virtual test drive” has the Mitsubishi ASX obtained.

Mitsubishi-Motors Germany has done a lot of pioneering work with the first 360 ° test drive video as it did with the first plug-in hybrid SUV, the Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in. After Mitsubishi Motors introduced a completely new drive technology in the crossover and SUVs segment with the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid, an equally new and innovative video product has been available since the beginning of April.

360 ° 360 °

With the help of the 360 ° video and the virtual test drive, interested new car buyers can get involved in a first “test drive” with the new dream car from home, from the couch, without any major hurdles. The virtual 360 ° test drive starts directly from a special website of Mitsubishi Motors.

Get on the virtual test drive! click

I am proud of my own role in this pioneering piece. Because in addition to the moderation, which was taken over by me, the initiative for this shoot came from me. Although you cannot implement such projects alone! One really stood by my side creative and bold advertising agency, a professional multimedia agency from Hamburg, professionals on the camera, professionals on the sound and even a make-up artist who removed the excitement from my face. And it is only with such a large team of professionals, constructive cooperation and an exciting automobile that a “simple idea” becomes a truly innovative format. And actually the term “360 ° video” is still too short. Because: You can't just look around on one axis, i.e. turn your head from left to right, but look through the car on each axis.

The 360 ° video technology

During the film, the viewer has the opportunity to change the direction of view freely. He can decide for himself at any time whether he prefers to look at the driver's fingers, examine the dashboard in more detail, or turn backwards into the vehicle, analogous to turning his head.

The video data from 7 single cameras were combined on the computer to a virtual common image. A process that has only been possible for a short time and is so far little known in advertising and product communication. A special software solution enables the 360 ° video stream to be displayed on the M websiteitsubishi-Motors Germany. The viewer can watch the video on the PC as well as on mobile devices and then use the mouse or finger gestures to vary the respective viewing angle. The viewer is free to move around in the video by mouse movement on the computer or mobile by touch and gyroscope, i.e. by tilting and tilting the device.

I consciously implemented my moderation without a script. A few key points about the vehicle were clear - the rest should be moderated freely and in one piece. But it also showed: Talking for 6 minutes without cutting while you drive the car, watch the traffic, keep the support vehicle in the corner of your eye and try to remain as relaxed as possible - yes, that's not that easy.

But now - have fun on the first virtual test drive!






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