First Test: The new Mitsubishi L200

Weimar - first test

Goethe, Schiller and Herder and then an entire republic. And now the new one L200 from Mitsubishi. Weimar is a cultural heritage and offers educational insights into German history. In addition to the art and culture of Weimar, the L200 offers its solid counterpart - it is the antipode of the lifestyle SUV. An SUV can be described as sovereign, but the L200 is made from a completely different sheet of metal than the many current SUV models on the market. The L200 is not a poet or a thinker, it is a doer.

The deed is everything, nothing is the glory

First test drive in the new Mitsubishi L200

first test 13 mitsubishi L200
This is not the waterfall! - Unfortunately there was no photographer on site and the photo equipment from mab was defective 🙁

Pick up of the year - how it works!

About 60.000 approvals since 1993. Of the L200 from Mitsubishi has always been a firm fixture in the “useful” pack animals segment. However, over the years he has let himself be bought off. Nissan Navara, Volkswagen Amarok and the Ranger from FORD were more successful. Maybe also because Mitsubishi focused too much on “usefulness” than “entertainment”? With the fifth edition, Mitsubishi wants to place the L200 in the top 3 of the pick trucks again. The chances of that? They look good - the L200 offers what others can no longer offer!

Professional tools

Even though the L200 was newly developed, the size remains very similar. The wheelbase is still 3 meters and with a total length of 5.2 meters (5.195 mm) for the ClubCab and 5.3 meters (5.285 mm) for the double cab, the L200 presents itself as a “decent” large load carrier.

When it comes to design, Mitsubishi speaks of a more masculine exterior. Free, because in the end the L200 is more of a car for men anyway. The writer of the article falls exactly into the typical buyer image: male and 40 years old. 97% of L200 buyers are men, whether the more masculine design is sought as confirmation? We cannot fathom it during the first test drive around Weimar.

Live more beautifully for men

If you need the 3 tonne tractive effort or the 1 tonne payload of the L200, you probably won't care much about the chapter “better living”, but it should be noted to complete the problem: The fifth generation no longer smells of plastic, looks more valuable in the interior Incidentally, the cockpit has grown in size.

The most important special equipment? Probably the thick rubber floor mat, who cares about hard plastic elements in the door? Practical like a cordless screwdriver from Bosch, not ChiChi like a pink cell phone case.


Lifting a ton through the area, pulling the horse trailer over wet meadows, the L200 is the buddy you ask for help in this situation. Anyone who refuses to use the basic equipment is offered a real “always on” all-wheel drive. Mitsubishi calls the system Super-Select 4WD II and it demonstrates on an ADAC site near Weimar what the L200 differs from the “SUV buns” in front of the next footballer's home.

"Actually only the instructor drives up here"

The message from the Mitsubishi employees is clear, as is the author's request. "If I am to believe the 'super four-wheel drive' thing, then I want to drive myself."

A brief reference to the nasty stones in the waterfall, as well as a brief reference to the fresh models - they will soon convince Mitsubishi dealers, the best way to do this is to not put them on their heads. Well - the author was always trying.

POWER driver

The all-wheel drive is set to 4 LLC using the rotary selector switch, the gearbox now switches to reduction and closes the center differential. We will now leave the rest of the force distribution to the electron brain of the “Super-Select” drive.

Slowly approach the waterfall-like embankment. They are really bad stones. And it's a lot of water. And as we drive up the slope, the expression on the Mitsubishi people's face tightens. Now no scratch in the fresh sheet.

The L200 does what the “best buddy” would do, it helps you out of bad situations. We slowly climb up the waterfall. Drive steadily, the instructor admonishes me. Sometimes the front left twitches, sometimes the back right, but the show feels safe at all times. The L200 rumbles over the wet stones, leans on the slope in the power of its newly developed 2.4 liter turbo diesel.

Hand on heart, that it will be so easy, not even the author thought. But the L200 has proven on this piece that it keeps what many only promise: It can also really “Off Road” and can do more than just “curb hopping in the SUV class”.

Intro Edition I, II, III

New diesel engine

A new all-aluminum engine with extended maintenance intervals and a timing chain instead of a toothed belt rumbles under the hood of the L200. With 154 HP in the “tame” version and 181 HP in the “Power” version. The Langhuber diesel (86,0 x 105,1 mm | bore times stroke) can be coupled with a supposedly elderly 5-speed automatic box. Or a manual six-speed gearbox.

The fact that the machine only has five gears first comes across on paper, but when driving off-road, the only thing that counts is the ability to engage a reduction and on the road the revised machine can score with a better-tuned converter and reliability. Sure - there are “so-called” off-road vehicles that want to score with nine gears. But whether they will also be able to keep a ton of payload through the site with the 430 Nm of the large diesel?

That's what I mean.

first test 35 mitsubishi L200
The L200 as a double cabin. Neat space in row two - without sacrificing the loading area!

On the road

Those who do not dig through rough terrain will be happy “on the road” with the improved noise insulation and despite the rigid axle and leaf springs, the driving comfort has clearly improved compared to its predecessor.

first test 33 mitsubishi L200
L200 Intro Edition III - UPE: € 38.690 (181 hp)

Forest, meadow, hardware store - the expert!

"The deed is everything, nothing is the fame" (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

The L200 has not wallowed in its glory for the past few years - 15x Pick up of the year - he has developed properly! 

With the new L200, Mitsubishi has a workhorse in its portfolio, the revision of which has brought real value. The assistance systems now also include trailer stabilization, a lane departure warning system, and with seven airbags, the L200 also successfully includes the safety chapter. The fact that you can also treat yourself to the reversing camera and the fact that bi-xenon headlights illuminate the night at the front - another top argument for the “real craftsman” in us - even if it's only for cordless screwdriver users enough.

Always with all-wheel drive, always with diesel, always with a correct loading area and at the start with three attractive special models. Officially, the L200 starts at the IAA in September, but there are already starting in August, the first vehicles at the dealers. The L200 starts at 26.290 € (Club Cab, gross).

Mitsubishi L200 | To the technical data [click]



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