Geneva 2013: Mitsubishi Concept GR-HEV: Sport utility hybrid truck

The next logical step for Mitsubishi Motors is to adapt electrical components and assemblies to the requirements of larger or sportier models for work and leisure use. In the Concept GR-HEV (Grand Runner-HEV), hybrid technology (HEV) is used for the first time in a pick-up model in the one-ton payload class. The GR-HEV combines the advantages of different vehicle worlds: a low-pollution and clean diesel engine, the support of the emission-free electric motors and the permanent all-wheel drive with integrated driving dynamics control "S-AWC" (Super All Wheel Control), which provides the best possible traction under all driving conditions. and ensures stability reserves.

The HEV drive is less complex and less expensive than purely electrical or plug-in hybrid systems and is therefore best suited for the high loads of a pick-up in work. The concept study was also developed with the aim of achieving CO2 emissions of less than 149 g / km - which would significantly undercut the corresponding average value in this segment by the sport utility HEV Truck.


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