HONDA Insight and Mitsubishi ASX

Outside in the cold November rain - moment - it's October - outside in the cool October sun (sry, both good keywords 🙂) - the HONDA Insight and the Mitsubishi ASX are waiting for your assessment.

So much I can say in advance: the Insight is a pensioner car and I probably shortly before retirement age - because I like it very, very much. Driving the HONDA is a car slow down. An experience of the balance between ergonomics and ecology. You are suddenly one.

The ASX is a cheeky dog. Its 150hp diesel engine pushes the crossover up any incline. In the interior, the ASX convinces with a puristic courtesy. No experiments. Content. That seems to have been the motto of the Mitsubishi guys. Lots of shelves and the cream engine make it ideal for a touring automobile.

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