10 answers to the Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid

Again and again we receive emails with questions about our long-term test vehicle. Many of the questions explicitly refer to PHEV. So the plug-in hybrid technology of Mitsubishi Outlanders. Our long-term test vehicle was the first SUV with this technology, the interest therefore also very large. We have summarized for you the 10 most important questions and answers. 

1. ) What does recuperation actually mean?

Wikipedia explains: "In technology, the term recuperation is used for technical processes for energy recovery." [Wikipedia]

For everyday use with the Outlander PHEV, this means that instead of using energy senselessly in heat, that's exactly what happens when braking. If you use the electric motors of the Outlander PHEV as generators. Similar to a bicycle dynamo. Instead of straining the brakes, we recover excess kinetic energy.

The Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid has different levels of recuperation via 5.

2.) Up to 52 kilometers electrically? What does it depend on?

Those who accelerate strongly or are generally more of a “hectic” driver will have problems using the electrical power of the battery over a good 50 kilometers. Of course, high speeds are also performance hogs. The heater also draws up to 5 kW of electrical power. The electrical consumers such as lights, wipers and air conditioning are initially fed via the 12V on-board network. This in turn is fed by the drive battery via a voltage converter. In bad weather, the e-range does not only decrease due to the adverse driving conditions, but also when the lights, wipers and heating are active.

3.) How do you recharge the Outlander's battery?

The advantage of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is: The battery can be charged at any standard power outlet. Whether at home, at work, in the hotel or on the road. Almost everywhere there are possibilities. If you do not want to charge via the 230 Volt socket, you can recharge your 30 minutes of 80% of battery power on ChaDeMo columns.

4.) How long does it take to charge the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV?

If the battery is completely empty, the battery charge lasts about 5 hours at 230 V / 10A or 4 hours at 230 V / 16A. With the CHAdeMO standard the loading process takes about 30-40 minutes.

5.) When does the drive battery need to be replaced?

In 10 years, the battery probably loses around 30% of performance. However, part of the aging process is absorbed by the battery itself. Mitsubishi itself gives a warranty of 8 years or up to 160.000 km on the driving battery.

Instead of nickel-metal hybrid batteries, Mitsubishi uses modern lithium-ion technology. These are positive in terms of durability, charging capabilities and performance. The capacity of batteries decreases slightly is normal.

6.) What does a charging station (wall box) cost for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV?

Although a normal 230 volt Schuko socket is sufficient, it may make sense to purchase a wall box. Whoever decides on a Type2 wallbox and interprets it higher than necessary. So going beyond the 3.7 kW charging current of the Outlander PHEV does not shorten the charging time of your own car. But can either make it accessible to the public (if desired we can describe such a scenario here) - or he will take care of the further electrification. Who knows if you don't want to drive an electric car soon? Or maybe friends will soon be driving an electric car.

How do you recommend mobile wall box by car-go-electric, A such 22 kW box we are currently in the test and are completely convinced of the comfort and the benefits (always on the way load).

7.) How much gasoline does it use in reality?

It is the constantly asked question. And in principle one can only answer, as Radio Yerevan would answer: It depends on.

In the endurance test, primarily used as a family SUV, we come under the 1.0 liter mark. The more the Outlander PHEV becomes a company car, the more often it has to cover long stages on the highway, the higher the consumption increases. Those who do not use the Outlander PHEV as they are meant to: achieve maximum charging cycles. It will adjust to 8-9 liters in everyday life. Still good for a gasoline SUV. But …

8.) Can I control and monitor the vehicle using my mobile phone?

I am inclined to say no. Because the Remote app for the smartphone requires a direct Wi-Fi connection with the vehicle. Mitsubishi has unfortunately not given the Outlander PHEV any Internet functionality. Since the app and the connection via WLAN are more of a rudimentary solution, you should answer “no” or “unfortunately no”.

9.) Is the 2016 facelift model better than its predecessor?

Yes. Both the design has won. We really like the new front. As well as the processing, the noise insulation and the suspension tuning have been revised. In addition, the feel in the cockpit was upgraded. So? Yes!

10.) Does the vehicle stop when the battery is exhausted?

No, the combustion engine shuts off automatically and then the engine is powered by gasoline. So the car then drives like a normal vehicle. Switching to PHEV is child's play.






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