6.000 € promotion for the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlander

Our Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV endurance test is already in its second year and we have highlighted the many benefits of the first plug-in hybrid SUV. But we also know that good technology costs and for many interested parties, the price was the biggest hurdle. 

Now or never! 6.000 € promotion for the Outlander Plug-in Hybrid

After the government got through, it had taken long enough and in the end the government subsidy for plug-in hybrids of € 1.500 is also very manageable, Mitsubishi is now giving the “green light” and selling the “green SUV” a rich promotion.

Overall, 6.000 € are less on the total bill of the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlander buyer. 1.500 € gets the buyer of an environmentally friendly plug-in hybrids back from the government. Where the principle applies: Who comes first, the first served. Because the federal government has the Promotion of electromobility, the environmental bonus, limited to 600 million euros. If you discount that on plug-in hybrids, that would be the 40.000 vehicles. However, pure electric vehicles receive 2.000 € from the state and both genera share the pot.

Manageable promotion from the government, full throttle from Mitsubishi

However, Mitsubishi itself is slowing down once again and increasing its own share of the electromobility bonus to 4.500 €. In principle, these 4.500 € are directly deducted from the bill at the friendly Mitsubishi dealer, while the other 1.500 € come from Papa Staat. You can see very clearly in the distribution, who is here with what élan on the thing.

6.000 € bonus for electromobility

After soon 60.000 kilometers in the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlander we can recommend the vehicle for family use without restrictions. Some topics from the past months at a glance:

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Every week a new article is added to the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlander. Every week we shed light on the pros and cons of plug-in hybrid technology. We share our experience with the Endurance Outlander and report bluntly and unadorned about the use of the best-selling plug-in hybrid SUV.

Do you have questions about the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the first plug-in hybrid SUV on the market? Write us! 

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