How safe is the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid?

Whoever decides on a new vehicle model usually also wants to know whether it is safe. Many customers are particularly skeptical about new models because the hybrid vehicles are still very new to them. Hybrid drivers sometimes ask themselves the question:

What happens when the power goes out, does the car end up in the middle of the highway?

Whether a vehicle is powered by electricity or gasoline is irrelevant here. As soon as the tank is empty, it doesn't go on either way. The plug-in hybrid Outlander even has a big advantage in this regard. It has a petrol tank and batteries that keep the vehicle busy. Hardly anyone has to worry about a “sudden standstill” on the road. On the contrary, if the battery is empty, it can be charged at any standard socket. In some situations, replacing the missing gasoline is usually more difficult than finding an outlet that someone is missing. So here you are safer on the road than with a pure combustion vehicle.

Maximum result: 5 stars in crash test

The Outlander has been subjected to a variety of tests before being released onto the streets. The Euro NCAP crash test it passed with 5 stars and thus reached the maximum number of points that is possible in this test. The electrical high-voltage system and the battery pack passed the tests with flying colors and the safety reserves were also at their best. In the event of a collision, the high-voltage battery system was interrupted exactly as specified and disconnected from the power supply during the test.

Furthermore, the received FCM collision warning system a special award that ensures further security. To avoid collisions, the integrated radar warns of obstacles.

The Outlander has an extensive safety system as well as the sophisticated driver assistance equipment that reinforces the safety concept. Also noticeable is the stable underbody construction, which also has a four-strut battery frame structure as well as a waterproof battery unit.

The robust welded constructions for the battery units also ensure safety. The metal inserts have been given a good coating so that they are optimally protected against stone chips and other objects. The AVAS pedestrian warning system is also on board, which in turn ensures double safety when driving.

This hybrid vehicle is not only an environmentally friendly vehicle that operates with low emissions, but also one that has numerous safety features. This makes it even easier to drive.


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