Outlander PHEV: Because CO2-free is part of everyday life

As a car blogger whose main job is car journalism, my free time is really limited. Always on the move, new topics, new cars - and a lot of it is presented in the strangest corners of the world. So the auto journalist is to a large extent more on the road than in new cars. So being at home is “quality time” and for me that also means being able to travel with our family SUV.

CO2-free at leisure

This weekend (yes, this article comes one day late) it was time again. The family and the dog packed in the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and off to leisure. One of our favorite destinations is the game park in Heigenbrücken. Still in the middle of the Spessart the game park arranges a free enclosure for boars and Dammwild. A few goats are also on site;). And next to the game park there is a climbing forest and a large children's playground. Including a stream and a small book on which there are on nice days coffee and cake. In short: the ideal near-recreation. The route from our front door to the wildlife park? 21.3 kilometers.

There and back it's a route that we should be able to do purely electrically. Whereby you always have to be honest and state the electric range of the PHEV in the NEDC cycle and you definitely have to plan a “delta”. According to the NEDC, the Outlander PHEV should come all-electric for 52 km. For everyday life you should set 40 kilometers. And so the game park on Sunday is quite a challenge.

Electric in everyday life

With Eco-electricity in the kindergartenWe actually do it every day. Purelektrisch for shopping, also a standard task for the PHEV Outlander. With the Outlander PHEV on vacation and save anyway? We already had the topic. With the Outlander PHEV electric and CO2-free in your free time? That too is possible!

CO2-free for wild boar

Of course you get used to PHEV driving around. You do not drive last groove, you use the gas pedal more sensitive. But with toddler and dog on board the cornering speeds sink anyway in general.

The battery is easily enough for the drive to the wildlife park. The return trip will be exciting. But here too, provided you have a sensitive accelerator, the “power consumption” can be influenced.

We achieve the greatest range success when the recuperation level is set to “zero”. This allows the SUV weight of the Outlander to be used to advantage. Just take off the gas earlier and the Outlander will roll. That we are traveling with 2 tons is then again an advantage. Once in motion, the SUV rolls through the landscape with the power of its kinetic energy.

0.0 liters? Also this Sunday, the consumption indicator of the Outlander PHEV. And that just makes me feel good. CO2-free for wild boar? It works.



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