Plug-in Hybrid Outlander bestseller in Europe

The Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlander is Europe's number one in the electric vehicle category. Almost 17.000 units of the world's first SUV model with this forward-looking drive concept were sold in Europe in the calendar year 2014 through October, including in Europe - although the vehicle has not even been introduced in all 34 Mitsubishi markets in Europe. Since the market launch in the third quarter of 2013, more than 25.000 units have been sold in the region concerned.

The representative all-rounder in the distinctive crossover style offers the environmental friendliness of electric drives, the operating range and driving performance of conventional combustion engines and the on- and off-road capabilities of an all-wheel drive SUV, plus five comfortable seats and up to 1.472 liters of cargo volume. Its hybrid system includes an 89 kW / 121 hp 2,0 l petrol engine, two electric motors each with 60 kW / 82 hp on the front and rear axles as well as a powerful 12 kWh lithium-ionTraction battery.

In terms of torque and acceleration, the performance of the Plug-in Hybrid Outlander on the diesel level, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the combined NEDC cycle, however, at only 1,9 l / 100 km or 44 g / km. With a range of around 800 kilometers, it also runs at eye level with economical diesel models. With the maximum result of five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test, the Plug-in Hybrid Outlander also meets the highest requirements in passive safety. State-of-the-art assistance systems such as the adaptive cruise control â € œACCâ €, the collision warning system â € œFCMâ € and the lane departure warning system â € œLDWâ € are also available as an option.





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