Mitsubishi ASX 4WD 150 PS Diesel Driving Report

Compact SUV

Hardly any vehicle class is currently booming like this.

In principle, a compact SUV is neither fish nor meat. No expert for off-road routes and with a high structure even on winding roads, generally less talented than a classic family station wagon. And yet - the vehicle class of the compact SUV has been booming for years.

One of the lesser-known, but still very successful representatives of this popular vehicle class is a Japanese man who has now had 2 French siblings - if that is not a sign of the current success? I wonder what makes a compact SUV so attractive?

Mitsubishi ASX

The nerd in the compact SUV class?

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  • Hazards:  Mitsubishi ASX 4WD - 1.8 DI-D - 150PS Diesel - Instyle
  • Built since:  2010
  • RRP: 31.890€
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  • Period:  4 weeks
  • Location:  Germany | Highways, city, highway
  • Driven KM:  2.950 
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Body: Quality, space, functionality, safety

Pleasant to aggressive. From the rear and from the side, the compact Mitsubishi SUV looks rather inconspicuous to pleasing. At the front, however, the image of the underdog is reversed, with the large “jet fighter” grille, the Japanese best-seller suddenly looks particularly dynamic. The ASX with its short overhangs pleases both at the front and in the rear. He looks stocky. With a compact SUV the size of a Mitsubishi ASX, you are not completely overwhelmed when looking for a parking space. 4 adults can travel comfortably in the Mitsubishi ASX, even long distances. However, you have to compromise when it comes to luggage. With its 330 liters, the trunk is just class average.

The impression of quality is right for that. No rattling, nothing rattling - all body joints are meticulously clean and have small gaps. The Mitsubishi ASX received an impressive 5 out of 5 stars in the Euro-NCAP crash test.

Drive: Performance, engine, transmission, efficiency

The test ASX has come to the test with the 150PS strong 1.8 liter direct injection diesel. In addition to the variable turbocharger, Mitsubishi has also used the so-called MIVEC technology in its own turbodiesel engine. This is acted upon dynamically on the timing and the lift of the intake valves.

With 150PS and 300Nm, the Mitsubishi 1.8 liter four-cylinder diesel is a real balancing act. With a strong suit and always ready for a special dynamic start. You couldn't ask for better motorization for a compact SUV. Potent in every situation, just a little sleepy under 1.200 rpm alone - which, however, changes quickly - underlined by the beguiling turbocharger sound.

The 4WD Diesel ASX has only the manual 6 gearbox available as a gearbox. Apart from the aggressive and premature acting clutch, this is also a suitable solution. However, the speed jumps could be a little smaller in the gears 2 and 3, the more suitable for the gears 5 and 6. Once you are on the highway, the gear number 6 is as good as always announced.

Despite the high design, the ASX runs on the highway with more than 200 km / h tight horizon, for a compact SUV surprisingly dynamic. This also convinces the driving behavior with an impeccable straight-ahead.

The efficiency of the 1.8 liter diesel engine is impressive. With a minimum consumption of 4,2 liters per 100 km, you almost fear a defect - but far from it, the ASX is simply equipped with a motor that masters the balancing act between maximum efficiency and powerful power play. A 400km autobahn Vmax stage, which of course also took into account the speed limits of 80, 100 and 130 (German autobahns were sometimes more entertaining!) And ended with a 30km, ambitiously driven country road tour - brought the maximum consumption to 11,2 liters. A downright ridiculous figure for the many kilometers at full throttle.

In everyday operation, ASX 4WD drivers can adjust to an average around the 6 liter mark.


Lustwerk 150PS ClearTec Diesel
Lustwerk 150PS ClearTec Diesel

Comfort: Material quality interior, suspension, sound impression, seating position

Pragmatic. Farther. The ASX model series, which was launched in 2010, impresses with its consistently crack-free processing in the interior. And in some selected places, such as the top of the dashboard or the door panel, a soft, pleasant plastic was used. In less exposed areas you can see the cost pressure in the automotive industry and the strict red pencil of the group controllers. In the German premium SUV class, every finger contact with the vehicle is significantly more geared towards haptic feel-good experiences - but overall, there is no serious point of criticism of the ASX interior.

The seating position for the driver and front passenger is convincing as soon as they get in - the average driver cannot get into a vehicle much more comfortably - which of course is also due to the basic SUV concept. Long distances can be covered fatigue-free in the ASX - only the “typically Japanese” too short thigh support can be identified as a point of criticism on the seating of the compact crossover SUV.

The chassis, also available as a Citroen and Peugeot twin, ASX strikes a fine line between being comfortable over curbs and stable on the motorway. Only in very smooth country road curves does the ASX driver wish for a somewhat tighter adjustment of the stabilizers in order to minimize the body roll a little.

All wheel drive? Only necessary in the mountains.

The ASX is available in a pure front-wheel drive version or in the driven all-wheel drive version. The 4WD-ASX has an adjusting wheel for setting the all-wheel drive. The driver can choose between 2WD (front), an automatic 4WD control and a fixed all-wheel drive setting. To cut a long story short: If you are not constantly on the road, on meadow and forest paths, in snow and on sand with your ASX in the future - you can basically save yourself the 4WD version.

The 2WD ASX is not overwhelmed in any driving situation and the 4WD can hardly extend the benefits of the all-wheel drive in everyday life.


Environment: Curb weight, CO2, consumption, 

At almost 1600kg, the compact SUV is not really a lightweight and yet - the efficient engine cannot be degraded to a drunkard by this “load”. With an NEDC consumption value of 5,6 liters per 100 km, the ASX emits just 147g of CO2 per km. For such a practical all-rounder - a commendable approach.


Cost: Base price, test car price, option list, maintenance

31.890 € costs the driven Mitsubishi ASX 4WD 150PS ClearTec Diesel in the Instyle equipment according to the list. The surcharge list remains pleasantly short and manageable. As an instyle version of the ASX drives with all the amenities that you want as a driver. From the xenon light, the light and rain sensor, the large glass roof, the convincing hi-fi system to a reversing camera.

Surcharge? Actually, only for the metallic paint, if desired.

According to ADAC, the monthly operating costs amount to 115 €.



Max. 25 words, about:

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Compact. The bullish to aggressive ASX is on the road from the front. The short overhangs and the powerfully shaped shoulder ensure a dynamic appearance.

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Mitsubishi 0 points. Wrongly. Few manufacturers are so under-priced as Mitsubishi. The Japanese play in the top league with the ASX.
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In the compact SUV class, the 150PS Diesel ASX belongs to the dynamic class of its class. Of course always in the context of the SUV world.
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It's so easy to pack many talents in just one car. That's what makes Mitsubishi clear with the ASX. This ensures happiness in the driver.

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Is the Mitsubishi ASX now the nerd in the compact SUV class?

In the positive sense: Yes. There are only a few compact SUVs that convince in everyday life by so many talents. The ASX is definitely a showcase model when it comes to the question of the perfect everyday car. Enough space for the family and practical enough for a detour into the leisure world, at the same time but also in commuter everyday life a partner distinguished by efficiency and comfort.

The quality of Mitsubishi vehicles - read in the breakdown statistics of the ADAC - puts the icing on the cake on the positive list of the many Mitsubishi ASX talents.


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