Mitsubishi just builds good cars

I like to say it again and again: Mitsubishi just builds good cars.

Man - what would I have missed if I hadn't had the courage at some point and asked Mitsubishi for a test car. And I can't be wrong if even Jan - Jan who prefers to drive the C63 AMG and 8 cylinder US chunks - finds a few nice and positive words about the subtly motorized Lancer 1.6 ClearTec.

I have never driven a Lancer 1.6 ClearTec myself, but the 1.8 Diesel Sportback and I was and always am, surprised and I am without answers to the question of the current Mitsubishi sales figures.

How can a brand with vehicles so close to the people sell so badly at the moment? Is it marketing? Is it the sales market? Or what? If someone here has a tip for me, than get it out!




Image source: Jan Gleitsmann - stolen from

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