Mitsubishi stays in Germany: Eclipse Cross comes as a plug-in hybrid

Mitsubishi will remain in Germany and will launch the new Eclipse Cross - also as a plug-in hybrid - on the market in early 2021

With the Outlander, Mitsubishi was a pioneer in the field of plug-in hybrids. Next year the brand will also bring the technology in a smaller model. That was actually no longer planned. 

At the beginning of the new year, the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will also hit the market in Germany. For the first time, the crossover coupe has a plug-in hybrid drive. Mitsubishi announced in Japan that it would withdraw from the European market in the summer. Now it seems that the retreat is being reconsidered. At least that's what information from the brand's environment suggests.

The good numbers that Mitsubishi presented on the largest single European market during the Corona crisis should also have contributed to the new course. After Toyota, the company has moved up to second place among Japanese manufacturers in Germany. Around 2019 Mitsubishi cars were newly registered in Germany in 54.000, which corresponds to a market share of 1,5 percent. In the current year of the Corona crisis, the company was able to increase its market share to 1,8 percent and, with a sales decrease of 9,3 percent by the end of August, performed significantly better than the market average of minus 28,8 percent.

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