Mitsubishi classic collection

The resale or residual value of an automobile does not depend solely on the visual and technical condition of the used vehicle. As the analysts of EurotaxSchwacke and Dekra or Bär and Fäss unanimously report, the selling price also depends on the additional equipment that can be found in the vehicle. Air conditioning, alloy wheels, seat heating or reversing camera have a decisive impact on demand and thus the residual value.

Mitsubishi is now offering such custom-made extra equipment for the Classic models, which will be gradually introduced in the Space Star, ASX and Outlander ranges. It is made up of sensible technical and visual attributes that significantly increase both the ease of use and driving as well as the visual presence of the special models.

The individual elements of the additional equipment are not put together according to sophisticated aspects, but all follow the classic requirements of the customer - and therefore bear the name Mitsubishi Classic Collection. And offer a significant price advantage. It lies within the campaign period up to 30.4. 2015 for the Space Star at up to 3.000 Euro, with the ASX you can save up to 4.500 Euro and with the Outlander even up to 7.500 Euro. It starts with the ASX, which is already coming to the dealers these days. The Space Star compact car and Outlander SUV will follow in March.

With this classic equipment strategy, Mitsubishi builds on design developments that are not subject to a temporal flow of taste. "With the Klassik collection we are entering the world of fashion, but not those of the perishable, tomorrow no longer sustainable seasonal items," says Werner Frey, Managing Director of MMD Automobile GmbH, "we are moving in the world of timeless style icons ". The special models of the Classic Collection are offered for all three series in two different versions and are not limited.

As for all Mitsubishi models, the manufacturer also grants a five-year guarantee for the special models of the Classic Collection, which in turn contributes to the high value retention.

[= ””] About Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is the oldest automobile series manufacturer in Japan. As early as 1917, the company produced the series-ready model A in Kobe, it was powered by a 2,8-liter four-cylinder with 35 hp. The production of light trucks began in 1921, and in 1934 the first passenger car with all-wheel drive and diesel engine was created, the PX 33. Mitsubishi made history with the Pajero off-road vehicle, whose competitive version won the Paris Dakar rally eleven times. The brand was also able to score points in on-road rallying and, with five titles as rally world champion, is one of the most successful car manufacturers in this competition. Today the goal of sustainable mobility is embedded in the company's statutes. The electric vehicle Mitsubishi Electric Vehicle made the step into e-mobility, the plug-in hybrid Outlander is the first SUV plug-in
Hybrid with four-wheel drive.

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