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Everyday, every way!

Even if Mitsubishi already has the third generation of the successful Outlander in the salesrooms, I think the second generation is still a recommendation for many buyers of annual and young cars.

So I want to take the chance and feel the predecessor once again on the tooth and once again dedicate a driving report:

It was not until 2010 that the Outlander had the current Mitsubishi family face with the “Jet Fighter” grille and thereby gained in character. At that time the 2.2 liter diesel engine was used for my driving report, the only engine that was also available with the dual clutch transmission.

For many buyers of annual cars, it should be particularly interesting to find out whether the predecessor of a current model will also be happy. Especially if the model change wasn't as long ago as in this case. And in this case the predecessor Outlander presents an interesting alternative in the crossover vehicle market.

Mitsubishi Outlander second generation driving report

SUV or estate car?

The Outlander walks on the border between the two variants and can still successfully claim to be a compromise with a clear positive character. In the driven version with the foldable seats number 6 and 7 in the otherwise generous trunk, the Outlander delivered in series with a practical all-wheel drive is a real crossover in the literal sense. He combines the skills of a family suit with the off-roader talents of an SUV. He does not confuse with wacky design language but translates the classic combination design only in a dialect, which clearly expresses the existing talents of the Outlander for comfortable tours even off the beaten track.

[one_third last = "no"] 7-seater: In the equipment lines Intense and Instyle a recessed in the trunk floor third row of seats was delivered in series. This increases the possibilities of use of the Outlander, but you should schedule 6 and 7 seats only for children or unwelcome parents-in-law.

Diesel-wheel drive: What was rare a few years ago, the combination of a diesel engine, dual clutch transmission and all-wheel drive - works in the large Mitsubishi crossover with impressive perfection.  [/ one_third]

Mitsubishi Outlander - a companion for every day - every way.

The Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi had put a lot of effort to give the big crossover a comfortable cockpit and some pragmatic detail solutions on the way. So the door panels and parts of the dashboard are lined with soft plastic and the hard plastic around the perfect hi-fi solution from Rockford-Fosgate received an embossed surface. Basically, however, the interior still gets the predicate: Pragmatism goes before elegance.

The smart key system with which you can open and start the vehicle without taking the car key out of your jacket pocket is available in series in the Intense and Instyle models. The only point of criticism here is the somewhat shaky solution of the ignition switch, which is subsequently covered by a “plastic hat”. A version with a start button or a specially made rotary switch would have been the haptically more pleasant solution.

The driver and front passenger have an almost perfect seating position and a majority of the motorists, namely the part without any sporting demands on their everyday vehicle, will enjoy the comfortable access to the interior. The seats are not too high, as is often found in classic off-road vehicles, but still significantly higher than in classic combination models.

Mitsubishi Outlander second generation trunk

In the 2.2 liter 156PS diesel version I drove, the 6-speed dual clutch transmission with paddles was installed on the steering wheel. In fact, there are dual-clutch transmissions that place more emphasis on performance and a complete absence of tractive power interruptions - on the other hand, Mitsubishi has found a solution that uses a reassuring shifting strategy that emphasizes the use of the early torque mountain.

380Nm at 2.000 rpm are passed on to all four wheels by the turbo diesel from the PSA company (Peugeot-Citroen) via the 6-speed dual clutch transmission. Mitsubishi also relies on the intelligent all-wheel drive developed in-house in the Outlander. The driver can use a rotary switch to choose between 2WD, 4WD and 4WD Lock. During my test drives, it has been shown that there is basically no need to intervene in the all-wheel drive system. Leave the switch on 4WD and rely on the traction of the four driven wheels in all situations. Blocking the all-wheel drive can only be useful away from paved roads and thus “4 WD Lock” can be used as an alternative.

The top priority in the chassis tuning was maximum driving stability. Here I can only say: goal achieved!

But you have to keep in mind: The Outlander is not a sports car, but clearly places emphasis on multi-functionality on all routes and so the tendency to roll of the crossover is not completely eliminated, but on extreme dirt roads and the forest and meadow use the comfort of Passengers comes to good. Mitsubishi Outlander riders can rely on high driving stability and the ability to live off the beaten track with little restrictions. Mitsubishi's large crossover from the predecessor generation is thus above all a multi-purpose vehicle with a lot of utility value, pleasant comfort and a comprehensive equipment.

Seat heater switch mitsubishi Outlander second generation

Lots of space, impressive practical options and all in one body with good all-round visibility. What more do you want?

An extensive equipment maybe?  But here, too, a Mitsubishi Outlander does not accept compromises in the Instyle version it drives. Leather seats with heated seats are also included in the series, as is a hard drive navigation system from the hi-fi specialist Rockford-Fosgate. Anyone who picks up their pubescent offspring from the school disco with the Outlander will reap appreciative looks after they e.g. Connected to the teens' smartphone via Bluetooth and plays the current charts for blow-drying their hairstyles with a heavy bass.

On cold winter mornings, however, it is not just the wife who enjoys the heated seats or the reversing camera images displayed in the navigation monitor while pulling out of a parking space. On lonely country roads, the Outlander impresses with its bi-xenon headlights and inside the city the turning lights help to completely illuminate dark side streets.

Mitsubishi Outlander muzzle second-generation jet-fighter grille

What points of criticism have I found on the previous Outlander?

The seat heating switches are hidden between the seat area and the center console, and a little more tactile sensitivity to the materials used, even out of sight, would be just fine.

Who wants to secure the Outlander with Jet Fighter Front as an annual or young used car, or looking for one of the last new car with attractive discounts, should now quickly to his friendly Mitsubishi dealer Hurry and get one of the last new cars!

[toggle title = ”Benefits“] A crossover without pronounced weaknesses. [/ toggle] [toggle title = ”Disadvantages“] The hidden switches for the seat heating. [/ toggle] [tabs tab1 = "Consumption"Tab2 ="Equipment"Tab3 ="score"] [Tab id = 1] [arrowlist]
  • Consumption norm total: 7,2l on 100km
  • Test consumption min: 7,2l over 100km
  • Test consumption max: 9,8l on 100km
  • Test consumption cut: 8,8l on 100km
  • All values ​​156PS Diesel with TC-SST transmission
  • Note: Test usage was determined throughout the test distance.
[/ arrowlist] [/ tab] [tab id = 2] [checklist]Series:

  • 18 inch light alloy rims
  • Third seat row
  • Smart key system
  • All information for the Instyle equipment.
[/ Checklist] [badlist]Missing:

  • Start-stop automatic
[/ Badlist] [cross list]Extra charge:

  • Metallic pearl effect paint (580,00 €)
  • -
  • -
[/ crosslist] [/ tab] [tab id = 3] [one_half last = ”no”]


[Arrow list]
  • 6 / 10 suspension empty
  • 7 / 10 suspension loaded
  • 4 / 5 driving noise inside
[/ arrowlist] [/ one_half] [one_half last = ”yes”]

driving behavior

[Arrow list]
  • 4 / 5 curve handling
  • 7 / 10 stability Vmax
  • 9 / 10 mechanical grip
[/ arrowlist] [/ one_half] [one_half last = ”no”]


[Arrow list]
  • 8 / 10 base price
  • 9 / 10 features
  • 2 / 5 consumption
[/ arrowlist] [/ one_half] [one_half last = ”yes”]

Power Type

[Arrow list]
  • 3 / 5 running culture of the engine
  • 5 / 10 acceleration
  • 6 / 10 top speed
[/ arrowlist] [/ one_half]

Total score: 70 / 100 points

[/ tab] [/ tabs] [highlight color = ”yellow”]At the end...

Everyday, every way

With the Outlander in the 2.ten generation Mitsubishi has an appealing crossover in the program which can convince in the daily use and in all ways. As a family suit as well as a transport device for demanding leisure activities.

For me, the Outlander - also as an annual car - is a buy recommendation.

[/ highlight] [toggle title = ”Data overview:”]
 MitsubishiOutlander 2.2 DI-D
Initial registration:
Engine Type:4 cylinder diesel engine
Displacement in ccm³:2.179 ccm³
Max. Performance at min-1:115 kW / 156 hp - 4.000 rpm
Max. Torque at min-1:380 Nm - 2.000 rpm
Electric motor kW-
Electric motor Nm-
Drive type, standard:Front engine - all-wheel drive
Drive type, optional:front-wheel drive
Transmission type, standard:6-gear double clutch
Transmission type, optional:6 gear manual
Empty weight:1.820 kg
maximum load:590 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km / h:11.1 sec
Top speed manufacturer:198 km/h
Top speed GPS measurement:-
Fuel consumption on 100 km (combined):7,2l / 100km Diesel
CO2 emission, combined:189 g / km
emission standardEU 5
CW value:-
Test consumption: min7,2l / 100km
Test consumption: max9,8l / 100km
Test consumption: cut6,2l / 100km
km-test start: 2.866
Mileage Test End: -
Maintenance costs per month in Euro€ 288
Insurance:€ 68
Consumption:€ 144
Motor vehicle tax:€ 28
Base Price:€ 30.890,00
Test car Price:€ 42.270,00
[/ toggle] [arrowlist] [/ Arrow list]

Bjoern Habegger | March 2012 | Photos:


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