Mitsubishi Pajero Special Edition: Diamond Edition

The year is 1983: The Mitsubishi Pajero enters the German parquet for the first time. Since then not only many years have moved into the country, but also 220.000 units have been sold. Now the Japanese put on a special model called Diamant Edition, which is available for both the three-and five-door and plenty of equipment brings.

The new special model is therefore available for both body styles. Biggest difference: Depending on how you choose, you get five or seven seats. The third row of seats can be sunk completely in the ground. If you fold all the seats, 1.119 results in just under 1.800 liters - depending on the body.

The Diamant Edition is available as a three- and five-door

Also available as a three-door car: the Mitsubishi Pajero Diamant Edition. The special model moored but on 18-inch rims

But that's pretty much the only restriction that has to be made on the Mitsubishi Pajero Diamant Edition. Once you have made a choice as to which body shape you want, you can look forward to the rich equipment, after all, the special model builds on the "plus" variant. Here, of course, the standards of the base are already included, which means that six airbags, an automatic climate control, ESP or the permanent four-wheel drive "Super Select 4WD-II" are on board.

But “Plus” offers a lot more. Here the Pajero drives up with 18-inch rims, its seats can be electrically adjusted and heated and the steering wheel not only controls the large four-wheel drive vehicle, but also the infotainment via its multifunction buttons. The telephony is managed by a Bluetooth hands-free system, the speed is kept constant by a cruise control system and the forward view is excellent thanks to xenon headlights with high-beam assistant. A reversing camera helps when parking. Useful for off-road use: a 100% lockable rear axle differential, running boards, underride protection and the roof rails, which can be loaded with a maximum of 100 kg.

In the area makes the Pajero so fast no one before

Full cabin: More equipment is barely possible

But the Mitsubishi Pajero Diamond Edition offers even more. The special model not only draws on the aforementioned - and more than rich - equipment, but sets again a leather interior and a Rockford Premium Sound system on top. It starts with 38.190 Euro for the three-door Allradler. Then slumber the powerful 3.2 liter four-cylinder diesel with 190 PS under the edged bonnet. He directs his power via an automatic transmission to all fours. By the way, you do not have to worry about the warranty: the Diamant Edition also offers five years or 100.000 km of protection.


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