Mitsubishi continues to secure market share

If it works, it works!

And after many frustrating years, Mitsubishi has now found its way onto the road to sales success. With the very successful Mitsubishi ASX, the small car Space Star and the plug-in hybrid pioneer Outlander, Mitsubishi is back on the road to success.

Things were already going well in quarter 1, and Mitsubishi is topping up again in April. With a market share of 1.2 percent, the Japanese manufacturer, represented in Germany by the FREY Group, is securing a larger piece of the cake of the new approvals!

In this case, the impressive number of private registrations is particularly impressive. While other manufacturers are primarily interested in fleet and company car segments, the Mitsubishi brand secures the trust of private customers. In April, 75% of end customer registrations were from the private segment. This is a top performance in the environment of the other manufacturers!

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We will continue to closely monitor Mitsubishi's positive development for the future.


Here is the wording of the press release:

Mitsubishi will continue the successful series of registrations that began in the first quarter in April. With 3.422 new registrations (not including L200), MMD Automobile GmbH (MMDA) was able to more than double the result of the same month last year by 105,9 percent and achieved a market share of 1,2 percent. The company closed the first four months with a cumulative increase of 70,1 percent (10.889 compared to 6.402 new registrations). The final KBA segment figures for electric vehicles have not yet been determined, but preliminary MMDA calculations show, as in March, around 200 new registrations of the two electric models Electric Vehicle and Plug-in Hybrid Outlander.

The best-selling vehicles from the Mitsubishi model range were the compact Space Star and the compact SUV ASX. Mitsubishi was again one of the top brands in Germany in April with 75 percent private registrations.
Source: KBA / MMDA

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