Mitsubishi Space Star in the driving report

The start for the new little Mitsubishi was a bit confusing. It takes its name from a former Mitsubishi model, with which it has nothing in common - from the manufacturer's logo and the unshakable fact that cars have four wheels. And it almost replaces its predecessor. Because the The Mirage,Pardon, Space Star is a good ten centimeters shorter than the last Mitsubishi Colt Generation. Therefore, set the stage free for a brand new Mitsubishi:

City flea with a big name

In the driving report:

Mitsubishi Space Star 1.2

Square, practical, economical

Small, cute and without optical gimmicks. The design of the test car painted in “apple green” and the second smallest Mitsubishi at the moment, follows the utility and it seems clear: From A to B and back, and that is very practical, please. At the front, the large halogen lights shine like funny eyes and those who choose the Shine + equipment receive tinted windows in the second row. The 15-inch alloy wheels, however, are a bit lost in the wheel arches and where bumper strips used to protect against parking lot scratches, now painted surfaces shine. But that is normal and not surprising, all manufacturers now do it that way.

But convinced the little Japanese with good clarity and that at least in all directions. However, Mitsubishi offers both a parking assistant with 4 sensors for the rear, as well as retrofitted protective strips for the doors. Sure is sure, you want to think.

The Mitsubishi Space Star

Mitsubishi Space Star side view

Shopping tour

The Space Star is an expert on the city. Thanks to its clarity and the small turning circle, it wafts with preference by the traffic of inner cities. The power steering is extremely smooth and the 80 PS engine is more than sufficient for the constant sprints from traffic light to traffic light.

Space Star - interior wonder

The Mitsubishi Space Star may be only 3,71 meters long, in the interior it offers enough space for four adults. The lush footwell for this class owes the clear little Mitsubishi its, in the ratio, long wheelbase of 2 meter 45.

With 235 liter volume of the trunk is sufficient for the weekend shopping, who needs more space, which can fold down the back of the back seat split.

Inquire the way in a foreign city has done for buyers of the Space Star, if they resort to the Shine + model. Thanks to the modern Mitsubishi Multi Entertainment System with integrated sat nav, haphazard journeys are unnecessary. The current generation of multimedia systems also convinces with good graphics and a brisk computing power. The operation via the 7 inch large touchscreen display is fast and without much explanation required by the hand.
Mitsubishi Space Star cockpit

Three-cylinder for the city

Three cylinders must suffice. In the test car, the stronger of the two offered engines was installed. With its 1.2 liter displacement, the four-valve engine and variable valve timing light alloy engine is good for a performance of 80 PS and 106 Nm at 4.000 revolutions. For the city of this engine is enough. He can even be pleasant schaltfaul drive, buzzing while the slightly grumpy song of the three-cylinder engines and skimpy with the consumption.

Thanks to an automatic start-stop system in series, the 80 PS engine has a standard consumption of 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers. The 1.0 liter three-cylinder offered as an alternative should even manage with just 4 liters in the NEDC standard.

Both transmit the power to the front wheels via 5 gearbox. If you prefer to shift, the 1.2 liter engine also has a stepless automatic transmission in the price list.

Realistic consumption values ​​according to the "Three types of method"

Everyday driver, without savings


Eco expert with the green toe


Field service with full throttle desire


All figures in liters on 100 kilometers | Premium gasoline

Mitsubishi Space Star engine room

3,71 m

Price from:



4,0 Standard

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