Trip to Mother Nature, or: off-road in the Mitsubishi

The tire has to roll.  What sounds like the chorus of a trucker country song is the instruction of the offroad coach before I let the Pajero, which weighs over 2 tons, roll down what feels like a vertical slope. In the middle of the woods. It's raining heavily and the forest floor is slippery. At the end of the 30 meter long steep slope, 6 tree trunks are waiting for the off-road vehicle. Not as a guardrail, but as a bridge replacement. I know if I put this in the mud now, then it ends up the new Pajero upside down in a small forest gorge. I would probably survive it - after all, the massive body of the Mitsubishi Terrain cattle would protect me, but what about my ego? I see the headline:

Car blogger plants Pajero head over in the forest floor. 

No. That can't happen. So concentration. And listen to the coach's words: “The wheels must always roll nicely”. Don't let it block and don't get too fast. I'm hanging heavily in the belt of the pajero as it goes down the slope. I wouldn't run down here on foot. Much too steep! But the pajero rolls. You put your foot on the brakes and the horizon disappears completely from view. I apply the brakes with great feeling, not too fast, but also not let the wheels lock and the steering is always straight. The Pajero crawls down towards the gorge.

Pajero tree trunk bridge

Now hit the tree trunks that have become a bridge replacement, just don't let the large pajero - just before the finish - slide off this makeshift bridge.

The heart is pounding. The radio says: “Very nice”. What luck. If it went downhill, then it went up again afterwards, a simple logic.

Mitsubishi has on the terrain course invited by Schloss Ehreshoven and wants to demonstrate the 4 × 4 passion of the brand to the press. Even if Mitsubishi was the first manufacturer to offer one pure electric vehicle in mass production sold - the off-road area is still in the blood of the brand with the three diamonds in the radiator grille.

And you can feel that. 

Outlander SUV gravel path

Mitsubishi Pajero, L200, the new Outlander and the newly renovated ASX with its new 6-stage automatic. Every single representative of the 4 × 4 guild from Mitsubishi wants to be in the beautifully laid out Off-road terrain of the castle Ehreshoven be kidnapped. Of course there are completely different limits for the ASX due to its design as a “compact SUV” than for the off-road vehicle legend Pajero. But the 30 centimeter deep water passage is also taken by the compact SUV with the ease of an experienced off-road goer.

On the slippery steep slope with a changing surface of tree roots, large stones and wet forest floor, the ASX shows what it's made of. The all-wheel drive is set to “4WD Lock” and despite the road tires, the compact SUV pulls up the slope, can be easily maneuvered between the large tree trunks and surprises with off-road talent. The ASX is currently one of the best-selling Mitsubishi and probably 90% of ASX buyers do not even know what a talented Klettermax they have bought.

ASX break at the lake 4 times 4

Such a trip to the Bergisches Land opens your eyes. Even though the Pajero as the “off-road grandfather” of the ASX crosses the deeper watercourses, crawls up the steeper slopes and, thanks to its off-road gear reduction and the manually lockable rear axle differential, also on actually impassable paths, quite loosely and relaxed meter by meter makes!

Only those who dare to go off-road should always remember one of the principles for off-road driving: “The tire must roll” - whether hummed or as a mantra over the radio - it doesn't matter, the main thing is that it rolls ...

Pajero off-road vehicle rear

 All photos: Mitsubishi Press







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