Full of tension - The Mitsubishi i-MiEV in the test

Mitsubishi gave me the iMiev in front of the door today. A car that I'm looking forward to for weeks.

What does not seem particularly successful in the German name is an acronym for “Mitsubishi innovativ Electric Vehicle”. The i in front of it denotes the model series, but could also well pass as an echo of the hip Apple product names. Of course, the i-MiEV could have been given a nice artificial name. Yes, I think he even deserved it.

For example: “SMART”. Because the construction of the i-MiEV is very similar to a Smart 42. A compact and extremely clear body spans an arc from the front axle to the rear axle and the wheels form the end at all 4 corners. This leaves enough passenger space inside despite the small external dimensions. And like the SMART, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV has its engine on in front of the rear axle and drives the rear wheels. In contrast to the SMART 42, however, the i-Miev has 4 doors and unlike other clever vehicle concepts - even enough space to transport 4 adults through the area.

The i-MiEV is a real, “real”, electric car and with this peculiarity it is also the first series-built car with an electric motor and batteries that can be operated completely CO²-neutral. Necessary for this: clean electricity for charging. At home we have 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources (according to the energy provider). This means that using the i-MiEV will not result in any CO² emissions. Somehow a good feeling too.

So far I have driven only a small round around the block. But we will use the weekend extensively to get some impressions from the first mass-produced electric car. Photos and a correct report are then available at the connection.

As a special highlight, we will bring the i-MiEV back to Mitsubishi on its own axis. The special thing about it: The car has to be brought from us - Gemünden a.Main - to Flörsheim. That is about 114km with a big mountain in between - this can be exciting, as Mitsubishi itself gives a range of about 150km. But only under extremely favorable conditions. So we'll see 😉

More soon here.


About the i-MiEV and electric cars ... Part 1


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