10 cars that do not exist, but which we want!

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The computer artist Theophilushin has published a variety of fascinating car design concepts on his website. Sometimes he only anticipates industry, that's how it was Audi Q7 design terrifyingly close to the original Q7 design. This ability shows the tremendous talent and the opportunities that come from Theophilushin's designs. On this cloudy Sunday in front of the Geneva Motor Show, we want to take up 10 designs from Theo!

10 vehicles that we would like to have, but which do not exist - or do not yet exist!

1.) The Škoda Fabia Scout 

With the Octavia Scout you already have a successful crossover in the program. The little Fabia Scout, based on a Fabia Combi, would meet the customers' wish for this crossover feeling! Thumbs up! 

2.) Mercedes-Benz C-Class sports coupe

Mercedes-Benz C-Class sports coupe

The The W205 series is Daimler's driving force, Mercedes-Benz did everything right with the C-Class. The design is extremely successful, the chassis is optionally available with air suspension and for engines from the smallest diesel to the 4.0 V8 turbo in the C63 AMG everything possible. Do you need a sports coupe? Probably not. But if Audi puts the A5 on again and BMW stays with the 3 Series GT, a corresponding hatchback in the C program would only be logical.

3.) Ford Mustang ST

The sports car pyramid at Ford actually sees that Ford Fiesta ST models and Ford focus as a base. The Mustang ranks above that and the upcoming Ford GT. But why not pack the “Sport Technology” package and the idea behind it in a Ford Mustang? Theo has already packed the design package of the ST models on the Mustang. And I like what you see there. A Ford Mustang ST with a 400 hp turbo four-cylinder? Why not? Or should the ST-Mustang become the most potent V8 representative of the wild horse?

4.) Audi TT Shooting Brake

OK. I don't like it. But there are people who want something like that. I found out in conversations. Alright For me, this “thing” looks half-baked in the photos and the angular front doesn't match J.Lo. Butt. No. I do not need something like that. But maybe you should ask Theo how he imagines a TT - away from a huge grille.

5.) Ford Mondeo ST

Another ST model. And in my opinion Theo is absolutely right here. There will be a Ford Mondeo as ST. And what Theo shows there seems to be from a single source. With an 2.3 liter of Ecoboost turbo that you get out of Ford Focus RS and Ford Mustang knows, such a Mondeo ST with all-wheel drive should cause quite a stir.  Two thumbs up for this concept! 

6.) Mazda MX-5 Cross

Okay, completely idiotic. Completely useless. Completely pointless. And that's exactly why such a Mazda MX-5 crossover could be a real success! Of course, the purpose of the MX-5 is completely different. But hey, nobody cares anymore whether BMW has rear-wheel drive or builds vans. Then you can also put up a sporty convertible Speedster and give it the rustic look of an SUV. You can. Would sell, but please - please don't do it! Or what do you think?

7.) Fiat 500X Coupé

With the expansion of the Fiat 500 family came the Crossover variant Fiat 500X, While the 5 door was convincing on the first test drive, Theo now gives us the idea of ​​a sportier 3 door. The Fiat500x would of course lose some of its practicality, but would gain in terms of styling. Or?

8.) Porsche CayVan

Uh, now it's going to be difficult again. I could well imagine such a shooting brake based on a Cayman. In this case of the “Cayvan”, Theo still relied heavily on the taillights and the rear design of the VW Scirocco. The “Porsche gene” is still missing here in terms of design. But the idea itself? Top!

9.) Mazda MX-5 Shooting Brake

Unlike the MX-5 crossover design, this variant is immediately awesome. Yes, it reminds you of the blissful first sneaker from Munich, the Z3 Coupé. But it doesn't matter. Why not provide the Mx-5 Roadster with such an attractive tin roof variant? Bthumbs up!

10.) Mercedes AMG GT Shooting Brake

And another shooting brake and this time the design simply has to be implemented. But it won't. I bet on that. So far, Mercedes has grappled with confirming a GT Roadster variant, and a shooting brake version will be completely unlikely. Too bad about that. Because this beast has everything you could want in a sporty shooting brake! Who wants to know how the AMG GT in Laguna Seca on the racetrack drives, you can read this here in the blog!


Design - or not

There are few “Photoshop artists” who are so close to the pulse of the times. Theophiluschin always manages to arouse my enthusiasm. Of course you can ask yourself whether a shooting brake Porsche with the rear of a VW Scirocco is great art. But that's not the point at all. Theophiluschin's designs show the ability of a great designer. His “exposures” of Erlkönigen are regularly so close to the end result that you want to believe in inside information.

His designs are often big cinema and sometimes, like the MX-5 crossover, they show - probably unintentionally - the absurdity in the automotive industry. Of course, roadsters with SUV genes would make no sense, but if Theo designs something like this, it suddenly looks completely legitimate. Insane. Or?






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