183 registered vehicles for the HBK 2013

By Charles01 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Charles01 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If you look at the list of participants for the 6th Hamburg-Berlin Classic, you will be impressed by the sheer number of vehicles registered.

183 vehicles were reported, each staffed by a team of two. The Hamburg-Berlin Klassik is not a rally where you sweat from top to bottom under fire-resistant overalls. The participants can expect an entertaining route with special stages in which the crews of the vehicles have to play together as teams. I will write a few words about the individual tests and the course of the rally.

Hamburg-Berlin Klassik 2013 - With mitsubishi

Starting number 158 - Mitsubishi Lancer

Two of the 366 participating rally drivers are named “Habegger”. On a Mitsubishi Lancer from 1978 (three years younger than the pilot) we will contest the rally from Berlin to Hamburg.

Who else and what else goes with them?

With such a large and colorful starting field, it is not easy to introduce all participants, but I would like to mention a few outstanding ones.

Starting number 1 on a Hudson Great Eight Coach, Heidi Hetzner with her rally-tested co-driver Reinhard Hainbach. Bernd Wieland from the autobild will prove himself on a VW Beetle with the start number 38. Christian Geistdörfer was the co-pilot of rally legend Walter Röhrl for a long time, at HBK 2013 he will drive a 39 rally beetle at number 1302.

Ex-touring car driver Jockel Winkelhock is registered with the 97 on an Opel GT and Lina van de Mars drives with the Volvo PV544 with the start number 71.

And on a Golf GTI 1, Hans-Joachim Stuck will reach into the steering wheel of car number 173.

A colorful mix of interesting vehicles and well-known personalities. 

More about our Mitsubishi Lancer, the rally and photos from the event will of course be available in the blog in a timely manner, for an exciting rally!

And thanks to Mitsubishi Motors Germany and Dunlop, which made it possible for my wife and I to take part in HBK 2013.


Note on cover picture: By Charles01 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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