24h 2013 - Toyota GT86

When the Eifel called for the 24-hour race, a handful of Toyota GT86 heard it and came chasing through the green hell. Representing all GT86, I would like to introduce the following 3 start numbers:

  • 136
  • 209
  • 212

Starting with the 136: Gazoo Racing with the drivers: Takayuki Kinoshita, Kumi Sato, Hisashi Yabuki and Yasou Hirata. Already in the first free practice session, the time was used to extensively test the limits of the physics of the sporty GT86. The severe cold deformation then accompanied the number 136 throughout the race. The qualifying was finished in place with a 10: 18,788 in 125th place out of 175 vehicles. Much more successful the race result with 64th place overall and 2nd place in the group of SP3 vehicles !!

With the 209 at the start in the “V3” class, the Dörr Motorsport team and the drivers Maximilian Sandritter, Markus Grossmann and the two AutoBild journalists Guido Naumann and Dirk Möller-Sonntag. Even if the training went through without cold deformation - with starting position 150 and a top time of 10: 46,035 you have not yet been really successful. The race was finished in 97th place in the overall ranking and 4th in class V3.

With the 212 at the start, the Toyota Swiss Racing team with drivers Frederic Yerly, Michael Flehmer, Mark Giesbrecht and Zoran Radulovic. They finished the qualification on a total of 129th starting position and the race in 108th place. On the photo you can also see that this race was not completely “contact-free”. The GT86 seems to withstand a lot here, however. In class V3, the team even came in 212th with the 6!

And how it came to the cold deformation in the case of the 212er Toyota, you can see in this video:

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