24h Race 2013 - The Review, the Summary, the Details

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Prosperia C. Alb

Prosperia C Abt 0224h-2013 Audi R8 lms ultra

C.Abt back on the track! Audi R8 lms Ultra - read-

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Peugeot 208 GTi

Peugeot 208 GTi 0724h-2013

The French clearly dominated the class of Sp2T .. - read -

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Subaru four-wheel fun

Subaru WRX 0124h-2013

In the SP3 T, Audi and Subaru fought for class victory ... - read - 

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Godzilla in the Eifel

Nissan GT-R GT3 10 24h-2013

The Nissan GT3 super sports car…  - read -

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24h race 2013 - The short rain race!

It was exciting as every year, but this year was one thing above all else: short. Heavy rain has caused 23h to break for an 9 hour during the night. The re-start on Monday morning (sic!) Took place at 8: 20 on the track. The organizer spoke of a total 210.000 visitor, Mike has this An interesting note and if I may add my personal mustard: It was really empty around the ring after that hideous rainy night. No, you can't blame anyone for that. Such caustic Eifel weather really drives away even the fiercest fans. Why the race had to take place from Sunday to Monday (public holiday) and why the race had to start at 17:00 p.m. - I can't understand it. Maybe it would just be one thing to only hold the race in June and also let it start earlier. Anyone who saw the finish line at 17 p.m. on Monday evening was probably home late at night. An earlier end of the race and an event later in the year could also attract “more” fans!

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Falken Motorsport

Falken Motorsport 911 0924h-2013

In the 24h race, the boys from the team Falken Motorsport must not be missing. Since 3 years there is used an 911 Porsche.   - read -

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Toyota GT86

Toyota GT86 06 24h-2013

The sporty two-door from Toyota and Subaru is perfect for the racetrack. The N24 professionals know that too! ... - read -

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The winning team

Black Falcon N9 02 24h-2013

The Black Falcon team won the 24-hour race in the Eifel this year. A total of 88 laps were driven ... - read -

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The team Manthey

Team Manthey 06 24h-2013

Manthey Motorsport and the Porsche works drivers, almost a Porsche works assignment at the 24-hour race in the Eifel ... - read -

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Phoenix Racing

Phoenix Racing R8 lms 02 24h-2013

The number 4 started, among others the two sons of Hans-Joachim Stick: Ferdinand and Johannes ... - read -

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Even more photos

The 24h race 2013 36 24h-2013

141 more photos from the most important German motorsport event can be found in my gallery. That was the “15-hour” race in 2013 😉  - click -

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I have the entire 24h race live on site Followed and brought fresh photos in my blog again and again. For me personally, this event was more than profitable. Never before have I had so many clicks on my blog in such a short time. The question of whether I will be back in the coming year, is then answered. Even if sleep is simply too short 😉

Even more photos? The people, faces and helmets behind this race are on Facebook.


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