24h race at the Nürburgring: The Glickenhaus Trophy

VLN Endurance Championship Nuerburgring 2016, 41. DMV 4 Hour Race (2016-04-30): Photo: Jan Brucke

The 24h race on the Nürburgring is a highlight every year and of course causes a stir in the racing world with its many failures. It is sometimes the toughest race in the world. That is why James Glickenhaus has now initiated a prize to honor those who excelled at the Nordschleife. This trophy is intended as a challenge cup and will be awarded for the first time this year. This year, it will be won by the driver who proves to be the fastest in the top 30 qualifying of the 24h race.

James Glickenhaus has fallen into the Nordschleife for years - no other circuit has a greater pull effect on the American director and producer. He probably inspired his own racing team: The "Sucderia Cameron Glickenhaus". His three prototypes start in the SP-X class and are back in good company. After all, the paddock of the Nürburgring is peppered with sonorous names and is considered the sacred ground of racing. Nice that the rules allow even small teams that can compete with the greats in racing.

All the more, the Glickenhaus Trophy should be a tribute to those who want to compete with the most demanding track in the world. The organizer, the ADAC Nordrhein, was enthusiastic about this suggestion, since such a price, of course, says a lot about the radiance of the Nordschleife. Accordingly, the ADAC is pleased about the initiative and sees the trophy as an incentive. The trophy is presented immediately before qualifying and has a place of honor on a podium on the start-finish straight. The presentation of the Glickenhaus Trophy takes place directly after qualifying at the pole position press conference. No one less than James Glickenhaus personally presents the prize for the fastest driver. The passionate racing fan does not want to take that away.

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