3 model cars that remind me of my childhood

With my now forty years, I may thoroughly revel in the memories of childhood. And like many guys, I was infected by the virus auto quite early. Car newspapers, car photos and models of cars, all of which have accompanied me casually since 30 years ago. I used to like car models from Bburago collected in 1:18, later the smaller models from Herpa in 1: 87. In principle, my cabinets were full of small model cars. When the Model Car World agency told me if I wanted to partner with the model car dealer, I did not have to think long. Short surfed in the shop and suddenly reveled in the old memories. 

When model car dreams become reality

Although I found it extremely funny, I have now driven many of the “dream cars” from earlier times. Regardless of whether it is a Porsche, to LamborghiniTo Ferrari or around Mercedes-AMG. Or a McLaren 650. Dream car which I am allowed to drive in reality today. One can certainly speak of childhood spaces that became reality.

I remember well, the Ferrari F40 was one of my first model cars in 1: 18, then by BBurago. And this one too Ferrari F50 here, I had as a model car. Of course in red, as in the photos in the shop.

When surfing through the webshop of Model Car World But I also came across models of cars that I had already forgotten as “dream cars” - or that were never considered dream cars, but still made a big impression on me in my childhood.

I would like to briefly introduce you to three of these vehicles:

Number 1: Opel Lotus Omega

opel lotus omega model car world
Doors and hoods closed Scale: 1:18 - Resine - finished model Ottomobile - No. 204957

The Opel Lotus Omega was an animal. I was 15 years old at the time and AutoBild showed the “strongest” Opel of all time in colorful, large and action-packed pictures. Sure, it was just an Opel - yes, that's what I thought at the time - but what an Opel. Years later, freshly with a driver's license and a Golf 1 GTI on the Hanauer Landstrasse in Frankfurt, I once saw one live. First he pulled us off at the traffic lights under the wild hiss of turbochargers, then he stood where the empty Neckermann offices are today, on the right side of the road. Bonnet open, smoking. Yes, the Lotus Omega was a powerful "creature", but the durability was not the case. No matter. A great car and as a model car you shouldn't have a problem with durability. And probably not with the maintenance costs either 🙂

Number 2 on my list: VW Jetta II GTI 16 V

Doors and Hoods Closed Scale: 1: 18 - Resin - Ready Made Ottomobile - No 204953
Doors and hoods closed
Scale: 1:18 - Resine - finished model
Ottomobile - No. 204953

Like right now? Plain home cooking? The backpack golf as a dream car? Oh yeah. The Jetta II has always been popular with collectors and VW friends. And the grille and the rectangular headlights were popular with the Golf II drivers. The conversion of the Jetta front on the VW Golf II took less than an hour! And -zack- the round eyes had been removed from the Golf. And as a 16V variant, the Jetta, like the Golf, was also available as a KR and PL engine version, i.e. with and without KAT, sometimes with 129 sometimes with 139 hp, there was nothing left of the honest home cooking. Sharp part, as a youngtimer I would put myself in the garage again today.

Number 3: The Talbot Matra Rancho

Doors and Hoods Closed Scale: 1: 18 - Resin - Ready Made Ottomobile - No 204954
Doors and hoods closed
Scale: 1:18 - Resine - finished model
Ottomobile - No. 204954

Oh what I found the “cool & masculine”. Today you would say the Talbot Rancho is an SUV. And that's true, somehow. The Talbot Matra Rancho came onto the market in 1977 as a station wagon with increased ground clearance, but Talbot had saved the four-wheel drive and was stingy when it came to rust prevention. And so it happens that the Talbot Matra Ranco, shown here as an “X” with aluminum rims and metallic paint, is now a rare collector's item. At mobile.de I just found one that should, with right-hand drive and in “dubious” condition, still cost € 4.000 - or, in another way, € 4.000 again. A model car like this is much cheaper. The one shown here is supposed to cost € 79,95 - and also reminds me of the summer evenings when I walked home past the neighbor's garage. There was a Talbot there. With “barred” additional headlights, martial, as if the neighbor were constantly commuting to work in the jungle.

Earlier … 







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