50 Years of Innovations: The LuK Talk Show!

[= ””]50 years LuK, 50 years of innovation. The Schaeffler brand LuK celebrates 50's history this year, looking back on 50 years of innovation. Time and opportunity for mein-auto-blog to experience the milestones of the LuK inventions!

In cooperation with LuK.

50 years of LuK - 50 minutes talk show with top-class talk guests

With the “Schaeffler Group”, a journalist and two moderators, the talk lasted over an hour. Also present were: Norbert Indlekofer, Chief Automotive Officer, Prof. Dr.-Ing Peter Gutzmer, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Technology Officer, Uwe Wagner, Head of R&D Automotive, Matthias Zink, Head of the Transmission Systems Division, Dr. Wolfgang Reik, former head of development at LuK and inventor of the ZMS. Johannes Winterhagen came to the MD Talk as a “neutral journalist”. The talk was moderated by Sarah Elßer and Ralf Schütze.

Talk topics

The beginnings of the LuK company were highlighted in the 50 Minute Talk, and the company also looked back on the important milestones of the company. from Dual Mass Flywheel, the Diaphragm clutch, über die link chain to innovative double clutch transmission.

How difficult it was in the early years, Norbert Idlekofer was able to tell a few stories right at the start of the talk. 

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gutzmer found a suitable transition to the topic of current technology developments. How often have the trends repeated in industry? One thing was always clear: calculable risks are part of success. Above all, the right employees, foresight and the courage to develop things even when nobody believes in success. The most important role here is the promotion of your own employees.

Dr. From his history, Reik was able to contribute a few important memories to the development of the dual-mass flywheel, since he was in charge of the development himself and although the needs in the automotive industry were not yet there, the developer was clear: this technology will be needed.


50 years of LuK - this round of talks gives deep and interesting insights into the “spirit” of the Schaeffler Group. 





Part 5 of the five-part series on the occasion of the company anniversary of the Schaeffler brand LuK.

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