5x: things that belong in the car

Using a dashcam can pay off for drivers in several ways

Little helpers, great effect

There are a number of smart and practical helpers who actually belong in every car but are rarely found there.

Whether parking disc, jack, First aid kit or safety vests - it almost seems as if motorists are prepared for every case. There are still some gadgets that actually belong in every car, but are rarely found there. Here are 5 supplementary suggestions.

While the dashcam is standard equipment in many European countries, motorists in this country are still betting on recording technology. This also has to do with a legal gray area, because they were actually considered illegal for data protection reasons. But most cameras dominate the loop recording technology, which prevents a durable and thus legally problematic saving of recordings. In addition, in Germany, some judges have used Dashcam recordings as evidence in trials. So if the question of guilt in a traffic accident be disputed, you would have as a party with a dashcam possibly easy game to clarify this clearly. Recently, there is even a Dashcam insurance rate in Germany, in which the case of the use of such a camera, the cost of insurance decline. By the way, dashcams can offer interesting additional features like an eCall function or automatically start the recording should another vehicle touch its own car when parking. There are simple devices already for medium double-digit sums. For top devices with extended functional scope, more than 200 Euro may be due.  

Speaking of parking: Parking beeper or rear view cameras provide more safety and comfort. Anyone who has used them once in a vehicle will not want to miss them anymore. But they are not available in all cars. However, the technology can be easily retrofitted. Corresponding camera or radar retrofit kits are often already in the accessories for small money offered.

Almost everyone is traveling with a smartphone, but by no means every car has a USB socket to charge the phones on board. Here are many retrofit solutions for mostly low double-digit euro amounts. In addition to simple plug-in adapters, there are also DIY solutions for DIY fans, which are often somewhat awkward but more stylish. Incidentally, there are plenty of video tutorials in the net for such installation solutions. With such a solution, the cigarette lighter for powering a Dashcam remains free.

In addition to dashcams, the omnipresent infotainment systems in cars often have touch-sensitive displays that are easily contaminated by constant fingering. That looks pretty ugly, especially when the sun is shining. Anyone who uses display cleaning wipes or wet wipes with them in the car can remedy the situation spontaneously at the traffic light stop. By the way, wet wipes in the car can of course also be used for numerous other occasions as cleaning and hygiene aids.

Sunbeams can not only reveal the degree of contamination in displays, they often also provide brutally heated interiors in summer. Especially the last two summers were extreme in this regard. Heat phases are likely to increase in the future due to climate change. Therefore, it seems quite advisable to carry appropriate sun visors for the windshield in the car. If you need to park in the blazing sun for a few hours, it's a good idea to put a reflective insert in or in front of the windshield. The heat shock is at least less drastic when boarding, also protect the interior trim materials in the vehicle. Foldable aluminum foils for the windscreen are available for a small fee.

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