5x: New station wagons - the classic is alive

At the end of March, Mercedes launched the E-Class Estate in the all-terrain version with a touch of the off-road

Some already suspected that the era of family station wagons in view of the SUV-Booms would come to an end. Some car manufacturers have actually given up practical charging masters in recent times - often in favor of long-legged models. Apparently it sells better. But the station wagon is not yet at the end, as the many interesting new products among the utility models show.

The new edition of the BMW 48.000 Series Touring costs at least 5 euros

During the week on business trips, on weekends with children and skittles for a bathing trip - BMW's 5 Series Touring has been a fixture in the business and family class for many decades. The new generation of the fifth generation will start in spring 2017; digitized, networked, with automated driving skills and more efficient drives. The Munich-based company, which costs at least € 48.000, has more than yes on the box when it comes to its core competencies: The finely lined trunk will hold up to 1.700 liters in the future, and the payload has even increased by 120 to 730 kilograms. The new 5 Series Touring can not only do lifestyle, but also wants to convince with practical virtues.

From October, Porsche will also be offering the Panamera in a combination version with a shooting brake appearance

The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo also has its practical side, because the 520-liter standard trunk can be expanded to a good 1.400 liters in the sporty luxury sedan with the appearance of a shoot-brake. Almost every combination model in the compact class offers more, but the Panamera derivative ultimately does not want to be a space-saving statement, but an optical statement. And if the characterful body variant is still suitable for everyday use - so much the better. However, this must be worth around 98.000 euros to the customer.

Hyundais i30 can shine as a station wagon with a 1.650 liter trunk

The Hyundai i19.000 station wagon, which is available from summer for around 30 euros, is significantly more family-friendly. The Korean, stretched to 4,59 meters, pleases with a matter-of-fact lines, discreet chrome jewelry and a slightly sloping roof line. The design hardly affects the utility value, because behind the tailgate there is a 602 liter trunk. Classically, the backrests of the rear seat bench can be folded down in a 60 to 40 ratio, which increases the luggage compartment to up to 1.650 liters. The i30 is also recommended as a family friend thanks to its neat safety equipment in the basic version, which includes collision avoidance (up to 75 km / h), lane keeping and high-beam assistant and a fatigue warning.

The new edition of the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer can already be ordered

The new Opel Insignia Sports Tourer is a proud 40 centimeters longer and one class higher than the i30 station wagon, but with a trunk volume of 1.640 liters it remains slightly behind the smaller Korean car. The good news: Compared to the previous Insignia station wagon, the luggage compartment has grown by around 100 liters. In addition, the Insignia, which can be ordered and is at least € 26.000 expensive, offers some nice options for the equipment. Whether LED matrix light, distance cruise control or a head-up display - Opel has significantly upgraded the Insignia. And the new edition also offers tried-and-tested solutions, because the fixing set with aluminum rails in the trunk floor, which does a good job of locking the cargo, is back.

Shortly after the Insginia Sports Tourer, the German station wagon was launched at the end of March in a rough-road version: the Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain, which wanted to be a mixture of station wagon and SUV. In essence, however, it is only the E-Class as a T-model, which exudes a little SUV flair with robust planking and more ground clearance. The classic station wagon offers a bit of off-road expertise and a hint of adventure, even though the vehicle scores above all with its utility value. The normal 1.820 liter trunk can be expanded to an impressive 670 liters. However, only a few families will probably want to afford the high-legged loading masters, since Mercedes charges at least 58.000 euros for its practical cross-border commuter. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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