5x Podcasts around the car

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Podcasts are now available for pretty much any topic. Also to cars and mobility. Here are five very different examples of entertaining and interesting audiences for car lovers.

As a commuter you often spend a lot of time in the car and often only a little with friends. There is often no room left for in-depth fuel talks. But you can also get interesting interlocutors into the car. Although they do not respond to questions, they can sometimes tell exciting and enlightening things. Here are five examples of podcasts on the subject of automobiles with very different focuses.


The podcast "AutoMobil" by Eva-Josephine Weber is entertaining, but with socio-political depth. The series has been produced for more than two years. Whether it's toll debacle or speed limit on highways - it's about important and often basic mobility issues, with experts answering questions from Ms. Weber. This podcast should be interesting, especially for motorists who would like to formulate an opinion on mobility topics beyond the tachograph area. Despite the depth, the length of the weekly interviews with 5 to 12 minutes is basically tight.


Auto Motor Sport Moove

The future is particularly focused on the podcast produced by Auto Motor und Sport with the chic name "Moove". For two hours, two editors from the AMS team primarily talk to industry experts about aspects and questions about the mobility of tomorrow. In addition to discussions with scientists, there are contributions with people from the start-up scene as well as representatives of well-known manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Daimler or their suppliers ZF or Continental. It's all about e-mobility, connectivity, autonomous driving but also design. The focus is always on the car.


car phone

In the podcast "Car Phone" the motor journalists Stefan Anker and Paul-Janosch Ersing talk about new and old cars, good and bad drivers or the pros and cons of SUVs. In addition, they provide insights into the everyday working life of journalists with a focus on automobiles and how they also cooperate more closely with the press offices of car manufacturers. Usually it is humorous, easy and a little bit jumpy, concrete advice advice for buying a car or a didactic tour through the car history should not be expected. The entertaining talks are likely but fallen listeners who have not 100 percent gasoline in the blood or screw every free minute on their tuned golf.


The Horn

The two executives of the podcasts "the horn", Clemens Gleich and Sebastian Bauer are also journalists in the automotive industry. Both work as bloggers, and also work as freelance editors, for example for the car magazine of Heise. The podcasts themselves are a bit lengthy with some 90 minutes, but they are multi-faceted. A special focus of the two is on motorcycle topics. It can quickly go back and forth between different genres. Basically, the podcast has a slightly nerdy charm with sometimes profound contributions about the physics of physics. Gladly they like to let sound human-private and / or critical tones.


Old school

Above all, fans of the Herrenfahrertums could inspire the podcast "Old School", which is produced by the Munich podcast label lautgut. Every week, journalists Karsten Arndt conduct interviews with some of the more prominent interlocutors, most of whom can still enjoy the loud sound of roaring exhaust pipes. As the name implies, it is thematically about the "golden age" of the automobile, as the driving at the limit was still stuff for heroic stories and legends. Up until now PS celebrities such as the racing driver Walter Röhrl or the Porsche tuner Alois Ruf have been in the conversation.  


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