7.000 km adventure from Munich to Marrakech

14 exciting days experience motorsport friends and auto enthusiasts from the 30. May to 12. June 2014 at the 1. MUMOMA rally (Munich-Monaco-Marrakech), which leads in 13 stages over the most beautiful passes, country roads and desert paths from Munich to Morocco.

The rally amateurs can start with anything that has four wheels and is street legal. There is also a motorcycle class. The crossing of the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Atlas Mountains are just as much a part of the spectacular route as the charming intermediate destinations Monte Carlo, Lisbon, Seville or Fes.

For 600 Euro entry fee, rally fans can enjoy perfect organization by the specialists from RaceAdventures from Freising near Munich. For 16 years, the race professionals organize adventure rallies and individual
Motor race. Their great know-how guarantees unclouded adventure and driving pleasure on the 1. MUMOMA rally.

In the big off-road adventure, the participants drive in teams with up to three vehicles. With the motto "Grips instead of gas pedal" RaceAdventures does not determine the class and overall winners by time, but by different ones
Challenges that are all about navigational skills and teamwork.

There are extra classes for: sports cars, young and oldtimers, standard vehicles, low-budget cars (up to 1.500 Euro), special vehicles (4WD, campers, trucks up to 3,5t) and motorcycles. In the overall standings team goes against team, in the
Class rating vehicle against vehicle. You navigate alternately according to the detailed road book prepared by RaceAdventures, GPS and the route you have to plan yourself.

Participants can either ride the MUMOMA rally, which has been prepared for months and tested several times, on asphalt or gravel, depending on personal abilities and preferences and what you like
Wants to drive vehicle.
The organizers also thought of the good cause: Every car has at least 30 kg of material for Moroccan schoolchildren on board, and teams with "low-budget" cars can donate their vehicle to the charity purpose of the rally after the finish.

In addition to the driver classification, tasks for the respective daily goal have to be solved in a daily “quest-of-the-day”. Here, a "home team" can help - consisting of friends, family or work colleagues. These can so close the rally
follow and even give the team a head start.

The three stages (Munich-Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo-Lisbon, Lisbon-Marrakesh) and a total of 13 stages are set apart from one individually planned stage. So each team can plan their nights in advance and
Reserve lodgings at your own discretion and claim.

The special needs of rally amateurs are also taken into account when planning the time, because the event is employee-friendly in a phase in which you only need ten days of vacation for almost three weeks of vacation.
RaceAdventures boss Martin Ruppenthal: “We deliberately wanted a rally in which the available budget or the engine power of the vehicle did not decide. The MUMOMA is a big but affordable motorsport adventure
on two continents, where every team has the same chance of winning - no matter how old, fast or expensive the mobile pedestal is! "

More information about route, schedule and conditions of participation

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