Adventure 24h race at the Nürburgring 2016

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There should be people who have never been to the Nürburgring. And there are people who have been to the Nürburgring before, but never at the 24-hour race. I don't understand both kinds of people. The motorsport mecca Nürburgring is a completely separate cultural site. A pilgrimage point for me for over 20 years. Not just annually for the 24-hour race. For me the Nürburgring and especially its Nordschleife is a magnet that attracts me again and again. No matter how bad the weather may be. Sunburn under the raincoat and the next day with sunstroke and a cold in bed. The Nürburgring doesn't always spoil you with a “great climate”. Above all, however, the climate on the Ring is no longer the best. The madness of expansion, the dreams of big money, bankruptcy, the sale. If it weren't for a car race by the way, you'd just have to ignore the ring. A lot of what happened there is so sad. But. It's the Nordschleife. And with the 24h race there is also the biggest motorsport event that we have in Germany.

N24h - There is a lot to discover!

Jens Stratmann from is one of them. He's been to the ring before. But he doesn't know the 24h race. This year the time had come - he could no longer avoid it. Jens and I took turns in front of and behind the camera to pack our impressions into “moving pictures”.

Part 1: Nissan Race Camp 24-hour race

Jens takes you to the Nissan Racecamp. He even shows you his sleeping cabin. With the Nissan Racecamp, the Japanese manufacturer is now one of the “fixed sizes” on the ring. The camp consists of sleeping facilities and an event tent. In the past few years, people had relied on tents, but the often nasty Eifel weather has ensured that NISSAN is now setting up the containers.

Part 2: The fast Benny and his TCR golf

Benjamin Leuchter is the record holder for the fastest lap of a series vehicle with front-wheel drive on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. Benny recently explained the Golf GTI Clubsport to us at Bilster Berg, here in the 24-hour race he drives his usual equipment. A Golf GTI according to TCR regulations. Benjamin takes you into the service tent of his team “” and explains his emergency vehicle.

Part 3: The Walkenhorst BMW M6 GT3, powered by Dunlop

JP, i.e. Jean-Pierre Kramer, is responsible for the design of the Walkenhorst BMW M6 GT3. And as an entertainer, horsepower professional and full-blooded tuning fan, JP is known to his fans. What happens when JP is asked to make an appointment with the M6 ​​from Walkenhorst at the Nürburgring, you can see in this video. We didn't even speak to JP, we were only there for the Walkenhorst BMW M6 GT3. But the screaming fans in the background, they wanted JP. Jens didn't even allow himself to be distracted by the female hostesses during his “background talk”. A whole guy, this Jens!

Part 4: Race cancellation and the conversation with Bernd Schneider.

The race had to be stopped after only 50 minutes due to the bad weather. Time for me to take the mic from Jens and talk to Bernd Schneider, Mister DTM, about the race. Before that, I was in the pits and talked to Thomas Jäger, the customer sport coordinator at Mercedes-AMG, about the current situation.

Part 5 + 6: Jens presents the Nissan NISMO GT-R (me too)

The 24-hour race was also the right occasion for Nissan to present the latest NISMO. Godzilla 2017 - the NISMO variant of the new Nissan GT-R. Jens found a few words 😉 .. and I also:

Part 7: Jens and his first 24-hour race

In this part Jens looks back on “his first time”. His first 24h race at the Nürburgring. I think he liked it a lot. And I also think we should think about what else we can show for 2017. Or?


The 24-hour race 2016 - a matter that does not leave you untouched.

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