Abt Audi R8 GTS Spyder - emotions on the move.

“Improving” an Audi R8 Spyder is a difficult and incredibly thankless task.

Almost legendary tuner from the Allgäu, however, this does not intimidate them and so at Abt they have done what they are particularly good at: producing a one-off in series from what is actually a perfect vehicle. Unique? Series? Well, the fact that one-offs can be produced in series does not have to be a contradiction, in this case it is a very manageable series that experiences an almost natural limitation due to the purchase price, among other things. On the other hand, the ears of the abbots are wide open to individual customer requests - the test car, which I was allowed to drive for a few quick kilometers through the beautiful landscape of the Allgäu, can be seen as an extremely successful calling card of this work ethic:

Abt Audi R8 GTS Spyder


Already at the production vehicle, the Audi R8 Spyder with V10 engine should take the average driver's breath away, as he is experiencing the wonderful shift in the time / space continuum for the first time. With the help of the 525PS in the driver's back, the acceleration freed from any pity for sensitive stomachs thanks to all-wheel drive and the fabulous angel choir, composed of 10 highly motivated and fist-sized pistons just a few centimeters behind the pilot's head.

If you do not get goose bumps when accelerating a R8 V10, you should urgently visit your own GP.
At Abt, the 525PS strong R8 Spyder becomes an 620PS strong supercar with the clear ambition to turn the heads of other road users and to let your own driver become a reverent follower of the religion of the “Holy Mother Mary of the blessed acceleration” through the pure joy of the lust for roaring engines.

620PS - an Abt sports exhaust system - sunshine and the limitless sound pressure of the sky above the occupants' heads, permeated by its own engine. The Abbot R8 GTS is a clear case for the drug protection commissioner of the federal government. 100% addiction potential is guaranteed.

But only pragmatists can call the engine a “power unit”. In my opinion, the 5.2 liter V10 “coiffed” by Abbot is the ticket for the performance of the first hell choir of 10 tenors with a pronounced octane fetish. 


About the facts of the Abt Inferno with quattro drive:

One might hardly think it possible, but the increase in performance of the 5,2-liter V10 sports engine from Audi takes place almost exclusively via a modified engine control. In the sacred halls of the Abbots in Kempten then the certainly not unpotential 525PS become an impressive 620PS. Following the example of real sports engines, the V10 is a naturally aspirated engine that is linked to the driver's brain with an almost magical connection. What is recognized as a mundane gas pedal on closer inspection is actually a kind of “Jeanny in the Bottle” and even before the right big toe makes the first twitch in the direction of the floor panel, the first of the 10 combustion chambers explodes in the back with an increased air-gas mixture and forms the dramatic prelude to a speed explosion.

Downsizing? Turbocharging? CO2 savings? Peak Oil? "Shit on it!“May be the politically incorrect answer to thoughts of this kind.

To own an Abt R8 GTS, however, you don't have to go into a Faust deal and sell your soul to Mephisto - although it might be helpful  - it is enough to transfer the manageable amount of € 289.000 to the abbots.

€ 289.000 - mind you, net. If you want to dream a little now, of your very own deal with the devil, in favor of an Abtian space-time accelerator and probably liable to VAT in Germany, then you will have to assume a purchase price of € 343.910 .



In the overview:

[toggle title = "Abt Motortechnik"] Abt Power - 620PS and 550Nm - engine management optimized [/ toggle] [toggle title = "Abt aerodynamics"]
  • ABT CFK front apron - weight optimized
  • ABT CFK front hood - weight optimized
  • ABT front panel - adjustable
  • ABT side skirts - weight optimized
  • ABT CFK rear wing - weight optimized
  • ABT CFK rear apron - weight optimized
  • ABT CFK air scoops - weight optimized
  • ABT CFK exterior mirrors - optimized for weight
  • ABT headlight frame cladding CFRP
  • ABT engine and convertible top cover with CFRP inlays
  • ABT carbon panels of the doors
  • ABT chrome foil "red"
[/ toggle] [toggle title = ”Sport rims”] Abt sport rims BR, deep black with red rim ring. FA: 9 × 20, HA: 11 × 20 inches [/ toggle] [toggle title = ”exhaust system”] Abt sports exhaust system - stainless steel [/ toggle] [toggle title = ”chassis”] Abt coilover kit - adjustable dampers (rebound and compression ) [/ toggle] [toggle title = ”Interior”]
  • ABT CFK sports steering wheel
  • ABT leather seats
  • ABT center console with red carbon fiber and leather lining
  • ABT switching unit, red carbon fiber and engraving
  • ABT dashboard with leather lining
  • ABT door panels made of red visible carbon and leather
  • ABT door sills illuminated
  • ABT doormats
  • ABT seat belts in red
  • Item #3
[/ Toggle]


At the end...

Who thinks he can read a simple conclusion to this vehicle, I have to disappoint now at this point. Losing a word about driving dynamics, roadholding or gas mileage would have meant writing the abbreviated version of the Abt R8 Spyder in the wrong language.

Sports cars like the R8 with already 525 series output defy rational judgments. Either you as the driver have the right adapter between the sports car and your own nervous system - or you don't understand with a single syllable what the fascination “performance explosion on tarred asphalt” is actually about. Then you don't have to be sad not to belong to the illustrious circle of those who are allowed to succumb to the arts of the Allgäu abbot team.

Cheer up!


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