AMG - Looking behind the doors of the power manufactory

Usually, tickets for a tour of the hallowed halls of AMG cost at least € 49.900. And only since the Mercedes-Benz Performance Manufactory has had an “entry-level” in this price range. The A-Class as A 45 AMG Since the presentation this year, the entry-level drug for the performance hungry Mercedes fan.

Welcome to AMG

Tuners do not want to be mentioned here in Affalterbach, an 20 minutes east of Stuttgart. Tuners refine, tuners screw on finished products. But AMG has been a part of the Mercedes-Benz family for 8 years and thus 45 years after its foundation by Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher. Or less poetically, since 2005 AMG belongs to the Daimler Group.

And so the power professionals from rural Affalterbach see themselves as “the performance experts” in the company. And to make the difference to a tuner clear: The experts from AMG are involved in the development of new models and units at an early stage. The result of this integrated development is also on the new A45 AMG easy to read. 360 hp from a two-liter four-cylinder turbo engine? Where other “tuners” only manipulate maps and thereby briefly extract more power from an engine, the approach of the AMG technicians is different. It can be seen as a holistic solution. Holistic performance training for automobiles. And precisely because you do not only intervene at the end, AMG does not see itself as a tuner, but as a manufacturer. A Swabian performance manufacturer as part of the global Stuttgart company.

And you get the cheapest ticket to the holy halls, if you opt for one of the young wild of AMG. In addition to the A45 AMG is also the CLA 45 AMG currently a real best seller. Because anyone who decides to receive their AMG in Affalterbach can also look behind the scenes of the manufacture. The engine production is particularly impressive.

One man - one engine

A slogan with a history, but women have long been working in engine production in Affalterbach. The principle of responsibility, one person, for the quality of the end product is retained. Each AMG has a badge on its heart, which is flooded with oil, with the name of the man or woman who is responsible for this engine. AMG leaves nothing to chance. And the feeling of knowing exactly who built my engine. You can't get something like this from any other manufacturer in the world. It is a promise that stands for quality.

On the second floor of the engine production in Affalterbach the twelve-cylinder engines are manufactured. It is relatively quiet. You can feel the passion, but also the concentration with which the specialists go to work. Even though people are responsible for the product, AMG does not leave quality to chance. A sophisticated manufacturing system with computer-aided control ensures that no motor with half-tightened screws from the hall is pushed.

The hustle and bustle is quite busy on the ground floor. The V8 engines are manufactured here. In addition to the naturally aspirated engines that were most recently used in the C-Class (C63 AMG) and are now only available in the SLK 55 AMG, it is primarily the bi-turbo engines of the 63 models. From the E63, the G63, the GL63, the ML63 to the S63. The eight-cylinder engine with the two turbos is currently the AMG all-purpose weapon. Thanks to playfully intimidating the ship's diesel engine with more than 500 hp and torque values, this engine is used in many models. And no matter where you drive it - the first time he likes to leave the driver with an open mouth. The result of amazement.

AMG - performance based on passion and history

It all started much earlier - in 1971, an S-Class from the W24 series was on the starting grid at the 108-hour race in Spa. In red. With a few sponsor stickers, but much more important, with a 6.3 liter V8 engine that was then built by the AMG founders.

Back then, the S-Class was already the epitome of the luxurious automobile - after the 24 hours in Spa, it was also a sensational runner-up. And that with a long-distance classic. Today you see this year and above all, this race, as the birth of AMG.

In addition to the motorsport commitment, Affalterbach is responsible for the wishes that the factory cannot implement when buying a new Mercedes. Mint green leather in the interior? No problem. AMG does not see itself as a judge of the “good taste” of its customers, but fulfills customer requirements at the level of the usual Mercedes quality.

And now for over 40 years!


 Photos from Affalterbach:

AMG manufactory 01 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 02 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 03 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 04 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 05 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 06 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 07 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 08 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 09 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 10 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 11 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 12 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 13 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 14 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 15 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 16 visit 2013 AMG manufactory 17 visit 2013

All fotos: Dirk Weyhenmeyer / on behalf of Mercedes-Benz

The visit to AMG was part of a Mercedes-Benz Social Media campaign and I was not alone on the ground. More reports about this on the HuffPo (by Johannes Lenz) and from Don in his blog. Mario from Autoaid was also on site. (Tbc ..)

And how does it drive, such an AMG?

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